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Updated on April 25, 2007
S.L. asks from Union City, PA
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I have a 19 mth old she shows interest in the potty and wants to sit on the big potty or her little one she will pee before a bath and bed and after meals and stuff thats not my issue. just this last week she has been telling me she wants to go to the potty or as she puts it "Mommy bathroom". up until now its not been a major thing and we haven't pushed it she's still in diapers and i want to switch her into something else i bought pull ups and they are too big i bought training pants also to big. Amber is 31 inches tall and weighs 21 lbs. i have a hard time finding clothes that will fit her normally let alone now underwear. so my question is does anyone know of anything i can do or of something i can put her in that will fit. i want her to have success and to not have to much difficulty any advice would be greatly apreciated!

S. L

thank you all that so far have sugested things and for the advice. i just wanted to edit my post to say that i've tried the 18 mth size Gerber training pants they are to big i need something smaller!!! my poor little skinny baby! if anyone else has had to deal with the skinny baby thing please feel free to post me what you did to fix the training pants falling off issue! THANKS again to all who have already sugested things!

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answers from Columbus on

Read the sizes well, the one's with the wetness indicators come in 2T / 3T / 4T etc. these were also to big for my daughet, but one of the brands, I can't remember what ones -- at the time they had elmo on them were sized like dipers, size 2 / 3 / 4 etc. NOT T -- read the lbs. they are for, these come much smaller.

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answers from Cleveland on

I know exactly how you feel, have you tried pampers easy ups? they do come in a size 1T.

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answers from Mansfield on

Thats is so great at only 19 months!:D It is much easyier with girls. I wont give up with her doing so well! First off those pull ups in my option are joke of money! They r truely like a diaper to the toddlers. Still able to go potty in them same as a diaper. Only differ is they cost much more and hold less. What i did was when i knew we were so close and doing well.(plus this works due to how tiny ur toddler is:D) Well i got those plasic underwear to put over panties. Also what i thought was better (everyones diff.) were the underwear with thick pading built right in. They r made just for potty train.
Yes u will hv some accidents but the feeling of not hving a diaper to hold it and make it feel dryer...makes a differce to the toddler. My julia got very upset with being soiled. Great time to start with it geting warm and all!! You can go outside alot during pantie time. But really just every two hrs putting her on the potty and a hr after meals got her to go without any oop's. Really 19 months is great and i think ur doing wonderful so far. Keep up the good work. Diapers will make them revert.(pull ups do the same) The only reason preschools like them is because they dont hv to lay the child down like changing a diaper. I hope u the best of luck.
I'd luv to hear ur responce after its done and over with:)
I think when julia was at ur toddlers stage it was 3 weeks and potty trained! Just keep on her and good luck:D

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answers from Dayton on

Well, I have not personally had to deal with this, but my friends daughter had the same exact problem. Then ended up just buying some big girl panties (with the heavy lining) and taking them in on the side. This seemed to work for them, but I know the transition to get to the big girl panties was a problem. (the pull ups/ training pants were just too big)

Sorry I couldn't help more.

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answers from Youngstown on

Pampers has a pull up diaper that comes in size 4 (16-34 lb), its the Pampers Easy Ups. Those should help through the potty training, as for when she gets to actual underwear, if you can't find her size in local stores, check online stores, there are stores for everything, check around for sites that promote the infant potty training, you would be most likely to find links for somewhere to buy smaller size underwear on one of those.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Check out the tiny undies, smaller sized training pants (non-waterproof), and pants for little ones who don't wear diapers at the following mother-owned-and-operated store (not me - I've just purchased from her before and been really happy with the undies I ordered):

10% off code: compleat

And a *huge* congratulations to you for noticing and honoring your daughter's readiness signs - these days, so many people ignore signs of toileting readiness because current western opinion tells them "that's too early" when, in fact, babies know from very early on when they have to pee/poop (and there are several windows of readiness, including big windows at 12 months and 18 months). So, yay for you and your daughter! :)

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answers from Columbus on

I just wanted to let you know that the Target at least by my house has Gerber Training Paintes(the thicker ones) that come in an 18 month old size. They might be small enough Also you might look on Amazon.com as well. . Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

Did you try the huggies pull ups u can make them tighter because they have velcro sides. My daughter is tall and skinny and they are the only ones that work for us. She is 2yrs and 24lbs.



answers from Cleveland on

I have a suggestion as I too had problems with the pull ups. Go to a resale shop or Walmart may still carry the old fashioned cloth pull-ups. They are perfect and fit like underwear but still have a little protection if there is an accident.

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