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Updated on October 01, 2009
T.D. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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Our daughter started potty training herself. We started with putting the potty chair in the bathroom, and every morning taking off the diaper and sitting her on it, whether she went or not. We wanted to put the concept in her.

She just one day took her diaper off, and started pooping and peeing in her potty. It's been two weeks now. She has done a great job!!!! ITs all been her.

Yesterday we took her to church, we put a diaper on her. We ran errands in town, we kept her in the diaper. She basically was in a diaper all day. :o( Shame on me...but we were traveling.

Now today she is home with daddy, and she refuses to use the potty. She brings him a diaper. Any suggestions to kindly bring our daughter back to where she was??

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Try using Pull-Ups instead of a diaper, they work I hear. They didn't work with my son however, he was like it's still a diaper. Or you could just put her in panties and have her wear a plastic liner. If she feels it she won't like it.

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Hi Theresa!

When my youngest daughter was 2 years old, she did just about the same as your daughter. Started potty training herself, then one day she woke up and decided not to do that anymore. I was so bummed because we were getting ready to leave for a trip to Mexico and not having to mess with diapers, etc. would have been great! I decided to take along with me a large bag of M & M's to reward her everytime she used the toilet. I knew that I would have 'focused' time to help her achieve this. I would give her 3-5 M&M's each time she did. It worked! After 2 days she never went back to diapers! However, this only worked because I never gave her candy on a regular basis until then.

Hope that helps!
D., mother of 3, grandmother of 3



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Awesome job! Average age for potty training during the day is 3.3.

We did the same thing... as soon as kids were ready to sit, sat on potty with clothes, while parents were going potty, (1st one at 5 mos 2nd at 7 mos); we graduated to sitting on potty bare bottom, and by 13/18 mos, going on the potty by self, but had diaper on in the car, during nap, and at night. By 18 mos (1st) and 24 mos (2nd) we were down to diaper only at bed time. Did have a potty in the car and pulled over at any moment's notice (with lap pads in car-seat and extra change of clothes, just in case). By 2 (1st) we were done with diapers. 2nd is 2.5 and we're still working on night time. She is just on a different schedule. I hope this helps and works for you. Good luck. :-)


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I potty trained both of my kids at age 18 months, so it is possible. I read the book called, Potty Training in less then a day. It basically tells you how to teach your child to go through an example, like a doll that pees. Teach the child to show the doll how to go pee ect and then the child wants to do it. Since you have already been doing so well, I think all she might need is a reward for the good behavior, every single time she goes in the potty, praise her, do a happy dance, get super excited, and give her an M&M or something or a sticker. Kids love that! also the key is to not put them back into a diaper. They have to be in training pants. NOT pull ups either. I am a firm believer in not using those things, plus they are expensive! So when she is wearing her training pants (these are similar to underwear but thicker), and she has an accident, as soon as you see her going in her pants, take her immediately to the potty and have her go the rest of the way. She will also be responsible for cleaning up her mess.

I would suggest getting the book and reading through it, getting all the supplies and you will have a potty trained kid in a week to a few months.

good luck!




answers from Phoenix on

Just keep doing what you were doing! My son is 3 and a half and still doesn't get it 100% of the time. My daughter will be 2 in Oct and is already getting it...so you are way ahead of schedule. Usually everyone says to follow their lead and stay consistant. You are doing everything right!



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If you haven't already, take her shopping for big girl panties and put some plastic ones over them for when you are out and about. I agree it is harder when you are away from home. You can also make a sticker chart for her so she can see her progress. Keep up the good work.



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we are potty training right now too. My daughter just decided she was ready and had NO accidents the first week. Then week two she had like 2 or 3. Week three she had quite a few accidents for no reason. Now week four she has almost no accidents. I think she would get lazy and forget until she was wet. I don't get mad at her but just remind her to "pee pee on the potty not in your panties". Now she seems to get it. I also will not give her a diaper when she asks and at home I only put a shirt on with the panties so it is easier for her when she has to potty. I also limit our time away from home or daycare so she has more of a routine. This past weekend we were out all day and I asked her a couple of times and she went in the public restroom and did just fine.

Don't give up and don't give in to the diaper. Good luck!



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You are lucky your daughter was this easy! My daughter was a toughie when it came to potty training, but the one thing I did learn through that is never go back to diapers. Just get her into underwear, and take plenty of changes of clothes where you go--what helped with my daughter was to visit the potty as soon as we arrived someplace--I still take her before I drop her off at sunday school, and the teachers are really nice about taking her half way through as well. Leave diapers in the dust, except at bedtime and naptime, of course. Good luck.



answers from Albuquerque on

At her young age, it's not uncommon to lose interest in potty training. You'll need to be patient and just gently encourage her. But if she's still 19 months old, you've nothing to worry about. I do not feel external rewards help much for a child so young. And pushing her in any way will backfire. There's a potty training class tomorrow here at this place:
You might get more ideas there.

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