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Updated on December 30, 2007
S.H. asks from Kechi, KS
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My daughter is 17 months old now and I am wanting to start getting her interested in potty training. She is a quick learner so I dont think we will have too many problems. I got her a potty for Christmas and she is very interested in sitting on it. How do I convey the message to her or even begin this whole thing? Any advice on how to start potty training would be great. Thanks ladies!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I started putting my son on the potty at 16 months. After about 1 month of doing it several times a day (he did not object at all; he liked it. We read a lot of books!), he peed while he was on there. I got really excited, and he started doing it more and more until he did it every time. I put him on at logical times (upon wake up, after eating, before bath, before bed). He preferred the padded seat on top of the big toilet.

When they say you can't force it, they are right, but that doesn't mean you can't start trying early. If she doesn't mind sitting on the potty, just put her on there as much as you are willing, and eventually she will go. When she does, praise her, and she will do it more and more. My son was fully potty trained (days) by 21 months.

In my opinion, pull ups and training pants are a waste of time and money. Once you want her to make the connection to potty in the toilet all the time, GET RID of diapers and go straight to underpants. There will be accidents, but talk to her about them. Praise her every time you take her to the potty and her undies are dry. Expect to have to take her to the potty until she is at least two. She will start to tell you, but you can't rely on that.

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answers from Tulsa on

Purchase a potty chair that sits on the floor, to make it easy for your child to sit on. If possible, get one that has a tray, to allow a place to hold a small book or toy. When your toddler is needing to "potty" take time to sit on the toilet, too. When your daughter sees you taking time out to potty, she will want to cooperate. This also gives time for the two of you to "bond" in the bathroom. Hint: it keeps mommy regular, too. Eureka !!

I'm the mother of 5 children [3 girls and 2 boys] and 13 grandchildren. This has worked every time.

--- M.



answers from Kansas City on

Huggies Pullups has a whole potty training box set. It has a story color books, stickers, sticker chart & pullups. I found my daughters at big lots and it gives you all the info you need. It comes in a pink box. I'm sure it's at the regular stores too, but it was only $8.00 at big lots. Be patient and Good Luck!



answers from Joplin on

First you know your daughter better than anyone, so take what you can use and void the rest!

There are so many thoughts out there on potty training. After raising 2 boys and watching as many have potty trained their kids. Grils do in general potty train better than boys. 17 months is young to some right age for others. It will be easier if you observe her and begin encouraging her with phrases like.

Mommy will be so excited to see you using the potty instead of diaper, then you will be my little girl instead of my baby.

During diaper change all the way to & during changing, be positive and list the neat things about going in the little girl potty instead of diaper, like you won't feel the pee or poop on your skin and it won't be as gross. It's easier to go in the potty. etc.etc.

Tell others that she is working on the little girl potty in front of her and be complimentary toward her and it will make her feel good about it.

Also know that she is 17 months old and be patient. Make potty training fun. So many people use the phrase big girl, and sometimes it scares toddlers they want to be moms baby, little girl for some reason seems less threatening to them and they are less resistent.

People use pull ups and they are less messy on the parent, but gives them the sense that they are still in the diaper. Part of potty training is teaching them the importance of keeping their underware dry & clean.

Elmo has a tape "Elmo's Potty Time" it is great and I wished I had it when my boys were going through it. My oldest did pee in the stool from the time he was around 2 on, but the BM's were around 3. Then comes my younger one and is peeing in the stool at 9 months, total potty training for him was by 17 months. So you can see the difference.

Have a great time!!



answers from St. Joseph on

We used a potty training in a day or less method with our daughter who was 26 months old at the time and it worked great. Your little one might be a bit young, but here's the method. Have her teach a dolly (one that can actually drink & pee) to potty. Teach dolly that when she needs to potty walk to the chair, pull down her pants, sit on the chair, go, pull up pants, dump the chair, and flush. This method teaches the child to be completely self sufficient in the bathroom, instead of teaching you to watch for her signs of needing to go, or making her sit on the chair until it just happens. When dolly goes, she gets a special drink-which you give to child if she says she'll potty on chair when she needs to. Use alot of salty treats adn special drinks to prime the pump:) Make sure dolly has a few accidents, and then teach dolly where she should have gone. "dolly we don't potty here, let's practice. Run to the bathroom, hurry!!" Make dolly practice from the spot of the accident several times. Then start rewarding dolly for dry pants also. "let's check her pants to see if she's dry. What a big girl-she gets a treat!" I know it sounds alittle corny, but it's worked twice for us. Our daughter was scared to set on the chair the day we worked on it. I worked with her 4 hours and then gave up. about 2 weeks later out of the blue she said " mommy i want to use the big girl potty." and she only had 3 accidents from there. So, though she wasn't potty trained when she went to bed that night, it only took 4 hours of instruction, and a couple of weeks of mulling around. And, though it was corny, it was a lot of fun-and worked. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

Dear S.: I have raised five children and as far as the potty training goes, I have found that you can't push it. Just take her and sit her on the potty when you go to the bathroom. She will soon get the idea of what is going on. As far as the diapers, you have probably got a while to go yet, but when she starts with the potty it won'd be too long until she won't want the wet diapers on and will want to take them off herself.



answers from St. Louis on

Unfortunately, the issue of potty training can't be forced at just any age. The muscles that give your daughter control over her bladder and rectum are among the last to develop physical control. Basically, your daughter might be interested, mom is interested, but the little body may not be physically capable of controlling those little muscles! When your daughter stays dry for 2 hours at a time, through naps, and can use language to tell you when she has to go, her body MAY be ready. She also has to have the ability to pull down her pants independently, so she can go when she wants and not have to wait for help from others to go.

THere are so many factors that go into potty-training. I hope you and your daughter will be successful when you are both ready!

Best of luck!



answers from St. Louis on

17-18 months is still a little young (I worked with 2 year olds for 3 years) but I have seen it done before when the parents and child were really willing to work at it.

Right now I would just really start "prepping" her by letting her watch you use the restroom, talking to her about going potty on the toliet, letting her sit on the potty as much as she wants and if she does happen to go, make a huge deal about it -but realize right now it was probably coincedence more than anything blatantly intentional. There are some great kids books "Everybody Poops" and another one I can't remember the title..something like Once Upon a Potty? I would get books and start reading them to her and talking about it with her. If she's in daycare and in a room where they have kid's toliets and other kids are working on potty training, that will help a lot too. You'll want to be on the same page with whoever she stays with while you are working.

After she uses the potty several times intentionally (and after she has done both peeing and #2 in the potty), then I would take her to the store and let her pick out underwear---whatever kind she likes. This is best done over a long weekend at home, it usually doesn't take more than one or two days when the kid is really ready. Be prepared for a few accidents but don't make a big deal about it. Just remind her we need to go potty in the toliet now so you don't get wet/dirty (and make sure she has a chance to feel the wetness for a couple seconds so that they naturally want to avoid that icky feeling.) Make her go sit on the potty every couple of hours at first (actually the first several weeks/months most kids need reminders) and remind her if her underwear get wet/dirty then she'll have to take them off. I don't like pull-ups at all except for daycare purposes but even then diapers are generally easier for caregivers.



answers from Rockford on

Basically when it comes to potty training your daughter is the one in charge. Maybe go to your library and get some videos or books that talk about using the potty and just keep asking her if she wants to try out her new potty would be my best suggestion.



answers from St. Louis on

Take cues from your daughter she's already willing to sit on it... with clothes on? When she's ready then take the diaper off and if you can time it when she's had alot to drink for sucess and praise her big time when she does go. If she's not ready don't push or pressure that will delay things. Just follow her cues and take your time it will happen but they set their own timing on these things :) Been there with 2 girls & have another one to train yet who's only 15 months!


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