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Updated on April 06, 2013
E.G. asks from Ware, MA
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need some advice on potty training a 3yr girl. she goes when i put her on the potty, but when we ask her she will say no. but will end up going in her pull up.

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answers from Portland on

Until she gets it, you will probably need to tell her when to try. Try to track when she does have to go; if she's fairly consistent, you'll be able to take her to the potty when she actually needs to use it). I have yet to meet a child who will recognize or admit that they need to use the potty when asked.

Here's a fabulously helpful website that can answer almost any question about potty-training, including some you didn't even know you had! http://www.parentingscience.com/potty-training-tips.html

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answers from Green Bay on

Take away the pull ups. She will have accidents, but that is what will teach her. With our son (3 in June), he knows when he has a pull up on, he can just go and the pull up sucks in the wet and all is good. But if he has underwear on and goes, he doesn't like being wet. So his "cue" that he might have to go is he will ask if he has underwear on or a pull up. He knows if he has a pull up, it is safe to just go...

Pull ups are NOT all they're cracked up to be!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Stop asking and tell her, "It's time to go potty" with a smile and take her. If you know when she goes time it by that, if not start with every 20 minutes or so until you discover when she goes. Take her upon waking, after each meal, before and after naps or bedtime no matter what to help her establish a schedule.

Get rid of the pull ups. They are expensive diapers, and are confusing with potty training because they wick the wetness and yuckiness away and it's no big deal, so why change? Tell her she's a big girl and mean it, get rid of them and use cloth training pants (with covers over them for bed or when you go out) like the ones from Gerber, she'll then feel when she's wet or poopie, which will help motivate her to use the potty when she feels the need to go. Buy some pretty panties for when she is going in the potty more than her pants, maybe after she goes however many days you decide without an accident, so she has something to work for.

Take her when you go potty so she can learn the mechanics - pulling her pants up and down, sitting and doing your business, wiping, flushing and washing hands, you're her best role model for potty training.

As far as expecting her to tell you when she has to go, don't hold your breath. Yes, it's one of the "readiness" signs, but my guy never told me he had to go, I watched for his signs and got him to the potty quickly. He was fully trained, pee and poop, day and night, by 27 months, yet he's turning 4 next week and will still only tell me if we're away from home and I need to find him a bathroom. He's very private and doesn't care to share, he's just always gone on his own.

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answers from Dallas on

Ditch the pull ups and change the vocabulary. Instead of asking her tell her it's time to go potty. Don't give her the choice. It won't take long to figure out her schedule and her cues. Be positive and be patient.

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answers from Sioux Falls on

My son had a week off from daycare and I decided it was time. He is 3.5 years old. Since he was about 2, he would tell me he needed to go poop but always wanted to go in his diaper. He would never tell me he needed to go per though. Well, this week we started wearing underwear. He had two accidents the first day and one accident the second day but we've been accident free now for 6 days! When we started I would ask him if he needed to go pee and he would say no. If a couple of hours had passed, I would TELL him to go pee. After a few days he started telling me or just going on his own. Now, 8 days into it, I only have to remind him if he is too involved in what he is doing.

Also, I bought several toys or him so that at the end of a successful underwear day, he got to pick a surprise. It's expensive but it worked.

Like the other replies - the key is to tell thm to go, don't ask if they need to go!

HOWEVER, he still can't go poop in the potty!! He won't just go in his underwer but asks that I put a diaper on him. Don't know if it's the mechanics of it but he will sit and try to go poop on the potty...but can't. The minute. Put the diaper on, out it comes!



answers from Miami on

When I started potty training my sons, and I knew they were READY, I took off the diapers. NO pullups. Pullups don't help you potty train. They are a crutch for both of you.

I used a two-prong approach. M&Ms that he NEVER got (helps if you never give her candy...) were my "stimulus package". I showed him 2 of them for just sitting down on the potty. Isn't that easy? They 5 of them for peeing in the potty. Then, oh the widened eyes when I showed him what he got for pooping in the potty! 10 of them! We counted together!

I showed the clock face and told him that every time the big hand got to the top (12), that we would go to the potty together. I did not ASK, E.. I told him that it was time to go to the potty and I expected him to come with me. I gave him some extra fluids just to help, but not overload. He was compliant in going because he knew he'd get M&Ms no matter what. I actually cannot remember if he had accidents or not, quite frankly.

I started on a Saturday morning. Daycare was also working with him to potty train, and they used stickers. If he got 3 stickers at least, per day, he would get to pick a fun little treat out of a bag (not food.) There WERE a few times that he said to them "Not right now, thank you" LOL!

It took one week to day train him. I gave him M&Ms at home for 2 weeks. One day I stopped bringing them out and stopped asking every hour, but more like every 2. One time he asked me about the M&Ms. I said to him "You don't really need them anymore to remember to go to the potty anymore, do you?" He thought about it and said no. I asked him if he would like some M&Ms and he said yes, and I told him that we'd have them for dessert after dinner. We never had to talk about M&Ms again.

Night time training is totally different and shouldn't even be attempted until he has been day trained for a good while. My ped told me that a child cannot be physically expected to train until they are at LEAST 4 years old. Some develop faster than others and can, but shouldn't be expected to.

I hope this helps.


answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 6 year-old- who can't wipe her own butt and a two-year-old who can! We may try, but kids progress when they are good and ready to progress. Unless there is some kind of deadline for potty training, I suggest you just go with the flow. Read her books on potty training, continue to give her practice by setting her on the potty, talk with her about it, encourage, heck reward her with candy. But don't expect that she is going to get it just because other people's three- year- olds do. As others have said, pull-ups don't work well for all kids. Try underwear for when you are at home and expect to clean up some accidents. My kids were drastically different in regards to potty training, though my techniques were the same both both. One simply trained early and one did late.



answers from Cleveland on

My definition of potty training means that the parent takes the kid to the potty by setting up a schedule and by observing the child's cues. I don't expect kidsto know by themselves to STOP what they are doing/playing to go to the bathroom.
I"m sitting here on the couch now knowing i should get up and go but i'm waiting until I really really have to and if i were a kid i would probably over estimate that and have an accident.
You can really make potty training fun for her, her fav disney pricess can call her and tell her congrats after every success ( enlist the help of a female friend, you can text her that DD peed and the friend can call and play Cinderella to your DD on the phone).
Get some fun big girl panties and lose the pullups unless you are going out. let her blow bubbles on the potty while waiting for her to poop.

Honestly, I think its a lot easier if you either take the time off work or are a SAHM where you can devote a full week to focusing ( on a fun way) on potty training, what kid wouldn't eat up that attention from mom and dad? even accidents are ok, you didn't learn to play the piano perfectly the first time, or what ever thing you do well. you practice and accidents are practice on how to clean up and take care of it and be a big girl and learn that that is yucky.

It's all good mama, it felt like a very very long stage of my kids life but really it wasn't. realistically 3 months or so for us.



answers from Los Angeles on

Potty training can be a challenge. I just trained my 2 year old and the first time the attempt failed. The second attempt I got super organized beforehand and then refused to give up. After the first morning, it went quite well and after 10 days she was fully trained. It can be frustrating but be consistent and positive and it will work out.

You can read my blog post about it here:


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