Potty Training?

Updated on January 07, 2008
A.H. asks from Allen, TX
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My son has DS, he is very smart and pretty much able to do alot of things just like most kids. He turned 2 in June and I was wondering how all the mothers out there that have have kids with DS managed to potty train them. I know he is to young right now but wanted to get ready for the big event.
Thank you

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He's still so young, PLEASE don't compare kids. Every kid is different and he will be ready when he is ready. My first son was four before he decided to do it. He showed no interest in pt'ing and would flat out refuse until he finally decided on his own he wanted to do it. My 2nd son will be 3 the end of September and is not potty trained (and niether are the boys of most my friend's boys the same age). He will go when I ask him, but up until the past couple of weeks he hasn't been ready. Like my ped said, they won't pt until they are ready to, if you push it you both will be miserable until he is.

You can buy him a potty and even try pull-ups, but don't push the issue. He's still very young, give him time.


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Hi A.,

My pediatrician suggested 2 1/2 to start potty training. My daughter is 2 and is just not ready right now. I do not have experience with DS but if he is keeping up with kiddos his age, I would suggest the same, start at 2 1/2 and see if he is interested...if not wait a few months. Potty training is a scary thing [and for the kids too :)] but you'll get through it!

Good luck!




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I work with children with special needs and have trained several children over the past 12 years. Just treat him like any other child, expect the same too. It may be a little more trying for you, but he can do it. The biggest mistake I have seen parents make is to keep putting it off, I have trained children as old as 12. That makes it so hard on EVERYONE. If you need extra help feel free to contact me. ###-###-#### or email [email protected]____.com



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Hi, I'm new to this website thanks to my sister.:) My daughter is 8 yrs old w/Downs. I read some of the other responses & they were all great. How is your son doing? I've noticed introducing things w/Alexis is a slow process. But once she grasps the idea she runs w/it.



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I have a 2 1/2 yr old son with DS as well. We have started introducing the whole potty thing slowly. In the morning when he gets up I put him on the potty. (if you sit them backwards on the toilet they havve more balance and don't feel as if they are falling in.) Anyway, during the day I will set him in there and sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn't. The main thing is he is getting used to the concept. It is a slow process for our kids, but then again all kids work on their own schedule.
Also, there is a yahoo group for the Down Syndrome Partnership of Tarrant County. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/DSPTC/.
They have lots of advice for potty training and other things. I have found it a great source of information.

I just joined this group and I apologize for the late response to your post. I was looking around Mamasource to see if there were any other parents of DS kids and happened upon your request.

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