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Updated on March 15, 2010
B.F. asks from Piscataway, NJ
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Are pullups empowering for a 2 1/2 y.o. girl who is potty training, or will they hinder her progress?

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answers from New York on

I never liked the pull-ups because they are too absorbent and my kids didn't feel wet enough to feel the need to use the potty. I opted for underwear and old-fashioned vinyl pants.


answers from Rochester on

Pull Ups are just diapers that cost more and have less quanity in the package. You can guess I am not a fan. Seeing that you are in NJ, and she is 2.5, I would wait until summer, play outside in a sundress and nothing else on underneath, put out a litlle pool of water and the only rule is NOT to pee in the pool, put a little potty by the pool. Reduce liquids before night time, she can wear a diaper to bed, however before you go to sleep, put her half asleep on the potty and tell her "go pee go pee", that way you have emptyed her baldder, praise and praise, treats, and we enjoy The Potty Song for girls, from the library, you can also get a doll that pees, thats always fun. good luck

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answers from Honolulu on

each child is different.
My kids hated pull-ups. And to me, it was pointless.
For them, I just used regular diapers... or had them naked, or when they were ready I used the Gerber "training pants" which is similar to underwear except that it has a padded lining in it, and is much better priced than those trendy training pants.
Here is a link if you are curious:

To me, it also depends on what stage you are at, in the whole potty
training spectrum.
It all depends on if the child is "ready" for pottying/training or not... and if they can pull down their own pants, and if they can tell that they need to pee/poop and then be able to tell you, then to hold it until they get onto the toilet etc.

The pull-ups per say... will not make them potty train better or quicker.

All the best,

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answers from New York on

Totally depends on the kiddo. My daughter figured out quickly that they are extra expencive , glorified diapers and used them as such. Would not use her underware in the same way. I think it is really hard for them to tell if they are wet or not until it is way too late. Best wshes. PS..we used gerber extra thick undies with plastic covers. Now on regular panties and pull ups at night and nap only. She is 3 1/4.



answers from New York on

I loved pull ups and thought they were a great transition for my son (and they were easier for me to get on an off while actually in the bathroom). He was proud to not be in diapers anymore and knew that pull ups were a "big boy" step, but I also kept him informed that one day when he was ready he'd even take a bigger step and wear underwear like daddy (and every other adult I could mention) He understood that. Our idea of potty training was pretty relaxed though and I totally let my son run the show on it, offering guidance and suggestion and knowledge more than a continuous schedule of putting him on the potty . I'd say we started potty training at around 18 months, but I say it in the sense that that is when we started talking about it and showing him and letting him experiment on his own terms. It wasn't until between 2.5 and now that he really officially trained. There was no stress though and no regression. I found the whole thing to be completely stress free. He is in daycare 3 days a week too and they followed the same idea of keeping it relaxed. He was asked when he wanted to go and if he didn't want to go, he didn't. Once HE was ready he totally took off with it and within a short time went into regular underwear. At that point, we were more rigid with asking and getting him to go on the potty just to avoid accidents and thankfully he cooporated and did really well. I know he understood the whole process and did it on his own time with our encourgagement and guidance. I personally felt pull ups were perfect for us, it gave him acknlowdegement and feelings of accomplishment and it created an easy transition b/c we praised and made a big deal about every little step instead of just going from diapers to potty. Now ask me about the BINKY removal and you will understand why I am so happy about how potty traing went - LOL! ; )



answers from New York on

Hi Barbara,
They don't help the process. They feel like a diaper and don't keep your baby feeling wet when she pees. She isn't going to regard them as "underwear" and different from her diaper which she is used to peeing in. There's nothing empowering about a diaper you pull up and down. Get heavy duty cloth training pants - some come with a waterproof outer layer, others you need plastic pants over. These teach her what happens when she pees - you get really, really wet and it doesn't feel good. Then she starts to recognize what it feels like just before that happens. Remember that using the potty or toilet isn't something that she's likely to tell you she has to do, that's not an early step in the process, it's often the last step. Don't ask whether she has to or wants to use the toilet - if it's expected behavior, make it a part of the routine and just take her at regular intervals throughout the day. Good luck!



answers from New York on

I just went straight to training underpants with my 2.5 year old son, with a diaper for naps and overnight. I don't think you need the pull-ups.
Gerber makes training undies and you can buy them at target. If she is really ready to go headlong into potty training, I suggest getting a couple of packages of the panties and a small travel potty (baby bjorn makes a good sturdy one-piece version that I got at diapers.com) and traveling with a change of clothes.
I am learning that potty-training is a long process of good days and bad. I say "Bleh!" to all the parents who have insinuated that they potty trained their kids over a weekend.
Good Luck!!


answers from Chicago on

I can't see where they would hinder her progress. She is at a young age and their is not doubt that while sleeping she may/may not wet but by using pull ups your covering your basis. Keep an eye and check her pull ups in the morning/nap time and if you find that she is not wetting at either time then quit using them. It takes time but it will work out in the end. You will know when its time to stop using them.
Good luck!!



answers from Atlanta on

I have a 2 1/2 yr old who is potty trained-- a few accidents. She wears pull ups or diapers for nap and bedtime. That is the only time. I think if she is having a lot of accidents or does not have her own interest in being potty trained-- I would use diapers. Is she ready and wanting to do it all the time? If so, then use pull ups at naptime. I would not use pullups in the day. Use underwear, training pants or nothing-- depending on your situation.
Good luck



answers from New York on

Pull-ups REALLY slowed us down on potty training. They also created a lot of unnecessary confusion for son. He was SHOCKED when I told him that ambulance drivers (his great heroes in life at the time) wore underwear, not pull-ups. He thought that by switching to pull-ups (and peeing/pooping in them), he had "graduated." I mean, this ambulance driver thing went on for so long and got brought up so many millions of times per day, I honestly thought about driving up to our local EMT station and asking the guys to vouch (verbally -- not to demonstrate) that they really did wear underwear! Didn't do it, but honestly, seriously considered it.

I can see using pull-ups at night, or for something like long car or plane trips, but otherwise -- honestly -- they're just a very expensive scam. If your daughter's ready to potty-train, she's ready for underwear.



answers from Elmira on

My daughter is just a little younger than yours and she loves her pull ups. She can run to the potty and use it without struggling with a diaper. If there are occasional accidents, it is no big deal, especially when we are out and about. At home I give her a choice between unna (as she calls them) or pull ups and she chooses between them just about evenly. I like that there is a distinction between diapers (for babies) and pull ups (for big girls). Pull ups are a must when we go places and for naps. I personally think that they are helpful, but I know others who insist they are just expensive diapers and don't help in the potty training process. Every child and every situation is different, but pull ups are working for us, and you may want to give it a try.



answers from Hartford on

pull ups are really just diapers that you can pull up and down. if she is at the early stages of training and you just want to let her try it out and see how it goes then they are fine. they are great for naps and going out so you dont have to put a diaper back on as once you start potty training, if you are going to stick to it, you should not go back to diapers again. what you need are cloth type diapers that will have her feel wet, but not the entire house. Good luck, we are starting this too!



answers from New York on

Every kid is different! My daughter LOVED her pullups! She would call them her Dora panties & did not want anything to do w/ diapers! It worked & the only times I had an issue is when we went to public restrooms w/ automatic flushers! Now she only uses them @ nighttime & she's getting really good @ that too. My older son on the other hand didnt care what he had on! He would not go to the potty & he'd go in his pants & didn't care. After he turned 3 one day he said I don't want papmers anymore, I want undies like Daddy & that was it!
Just try it - what is it going to hurt?



answers from New York on

Ditch the pullups! Panties all the way!!!!!!!



answers from New York on

My 3 1/2 year old still wears pull ups (White Cloud brand though) and she likes them. I have been trying to get her to use underwear but she likes the others better. She knows that she "could" wet them without leaking down her leg but she loves keeping them dry. I always have her wear them when we go out because you never know when the urge will hit and if you can get them to a potty in time. I use it as a security measure. Many would tell me to just put her in panties but she is also the type of kid that if she wet her pants she would be so embarrased and upset. She likes knowing that if she had an accident no one would know. I say leave her in pullups if she wants! A.

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