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Updated on December 21, 2010
K.L. asks from Little Rock, AR
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I have a two year old boy he is about to be three in another month and I still don't have him potty trained I here different sayings it is harder to train a boy than a girl and boys are stubbern but i really don't have alot of time to train because bout time I get out of school and work it's around 8 pm I try on weekends I tru to take him to the pot every 20 minutes but it's not working

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So What Happened?

Well I been off work the last few days and all threw out the day I let my baby wear his big boy under wear and I had been putting cereal in tha toilet and saying hit it so we where sitting watching cartoons and all of a sudden he said momma pee pee we ran to the toilet and he pee peed he was so happy he said momma I pee pee I hit it lol it was funny he was so proud and so was I we both jumped around for joy lol

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Have your daycare or whoever is watching him help, it'll help you out A LOT! When I am home with my 20 month old daughter, I put big girl panties on her. That way, if she goes she knows what it feels like and she doesn't like it. Shes starting to tell me before the fact, instead of after the fact. I just started training her about 2 weeks ago. She sits on the potty atleast 10-15 times a day (on the weekends when I'm not working) and about 5 times a day, when I am working. My daycare provider also helps a lot too.

I heard for boys, to not put cherrios or any sort of stuff in the toliet, because they make a game out of it and want to play. They think it's fun. But, I don't really know because I don't have a boy.

Good Luck!

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Every family I've known has had the best results with waiting until the child wants to learn to use the potty. And kids do, just like they want to learn to walk and talk as soon as they're ready. When your son is ready to move forward on this, he will. That could happen any time between a month from now to a year or so. But he'll get there, and if you don't make it a big, complicated deal, he'll probably get there faster.

Before then, it's fine to talk about potty training and what the body does, and to experiment with sitting on the potty, it's great to play potty games with toys, puppets, and occasionally the child, it's great to read books and watch videos, to let him watch you use the toilet, to observe how much easier time he'll have when he learns to use the potty and doesn't have to stop for diaper changes. (I thought of this as "pre-training" with my daughter.)

And at some point, he'll start showing more curiosity and indicating that he wants to try, perhaps even voluntarily sitting on the potty himself. He'll probably be thrilled by the whole idea of big-boy underpants. That's when you can let him know you'll help him remember; let him help you work out a plan so he's got some control, and go for it. Kids will often train in a matter of days at that point, with fewer accidents every day.

Children who are ready for this step toward maturity take great pride in the accomplishment. Charts and reward systems aren't even needed. Children who are pushed into it tend to become irritable and resistant, or even worse, begin to feel a sense of failure and frustration.

Here's one of several sites that gives some great "readiness" checklists. http://www.parentingscience.com/toilet-training-readiness...

Also, be aware that poop training and night training are sometimes separate steps for some children. Children can not help this.

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Hello, I have four grown children, two boys and two girls. What I found with them, my grandsons and my daycare children was that when they are ready, they will be "trained" in one day. My motto was that they would not be wearing diapers when they were in college or even kindergarten for that matter, so just don't worry. Perhaps your daycare could help with this. I had several who went from diapers to panties. Also, I used the regular boy and girl panties rather that the thick ones or disposable one. That way, when they went in their pants, they felt it come right down their legs and didn't like it.
Good luck with your precious little boy.
K. K.


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I trained my boys outside, that way they could aim at stuff with their "tool", then you just tell him it's time to do it in the toilet, throw some cheerios in for him to aim at. I put a large brick in front of the toilet for them to stand on because they were too short of course.
Who has him during the day? Maybe you could pay that person a little extra money to help with the potty training since you are gone most of the day?
Does he have a male role model that can show him how to pee? My sons dad pretty much trained ours. They were both potty trained before they were two.



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Rewards and discipline making it a priority.

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