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Updated on August 30, 2009
B.C. asks from Frisco, TX
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Any Potty training tips? I have a 2 1/2 year old boy!

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So What Happened?

Thank you Everyone!! This was very helpful!!

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Hi, B.-
I have 9 children, 6 of them boys. My advice is wait until he is three years old. Girls potty train much earlier, but the little boy psyche doesn't want to be bothered to stop playing to go potty until about 3 years old. Anytime I tried to potty-train boys earlier, they just had so many accidents that it drove me crazy. Best of luck!

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here are a few tips that our "in-home" daycare provider gave us when we started with our son:

Tips and Guidelines For Potty Training
1.It has to be either underwear/panties OR diapers, it can not be both. This sends confusing messages to your child, to be successful in a quick manner this is the way to go. So diapers are for sleep time only.
2.ALWAYS send your child to school in underwear/panties to start the day. If your child comes in their PJ’s then simply put a pair of panties over their diaper at night and just pull the diaper off in the morning and your set to go.
3.Control your child’s liquid intake. This does not mean to dehydrate your child, but offer milk, and juice at meal time and water in between. This way your child has liquid to drink in case they are thirsty, but if your child is like most, they will drink the water a lot slower than juice or milk.
4.Every hour ask your child if they need to potty. If you feel they have drank enough in between the hour you have ask, have them at least try.
5.Offer a reward for actually going in the potty only. If you offer a reward for just sitting on it, the reward for going is less meaningful.
6.Praise your child when they do go potty. Lots and lots of clapping and yeah’s will help your child progress in their potty training in a quicker manner. Have all family members help with this praise.
7.Make the potty your child’s best friend. Have your child carry their potty with them everywhere you go. If you go outside be sure to have your child take potty with them. If you go on a long trip or even a short one to Wal-Mart take the potty with you. One great trick in potty training is buying some stickers just for going potty. Your child can decorate their potty using the stickers, but do not use those same stickers for any other reward.
8.Always, no matter where you go have a bag packed for those accidents that will happen. Make sure you buy at least 10 pair of underwear/panties a day for the beginner potty trainers. If you run out of undergarments by the end of the day make sure you can put them in anything other than a diaper.
9.It is always better to have too many outfits than not enough.
10.Keep talking about how your child is now a big girl/boy, and that we only wear diapers at nite-nite time.
11.Keeping a chart of daily potties will help you figure out your child’s routine, such as bowel moments.
12.Be strong! Your child may test you and throw tantrums not wanting to sit on the potty, but if you have decided it is time then sitting on the potty is a must. Just as sitting in a car seat is a must so is potty training. If bribes don’ t work, help your child sit and stay on the potty for at least 2 minuets, you will be surprise how your strength will overcome this short period and your potty training success will prevail.
13. Buy an extra potty to leave in your trunk so that if are on the road and the nearest gas station is to far away you can pull over and let them go.

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Just dive in. My son was 22 months and my twin girls 20 months whe we potty trained. They had not shown any interest, but it was time (like the olden days :). The first 4 days made it seem like I had made the biggest mistake, but after that it clicked and we were done in about 7 days with the occasional accident. Don't use pullups. Use multilayer training pants (with plastic pants over them if you are worried about damage to furniture, carpet). When he does have an accident, talk to him, show him where you want him to go and then stand him in the tub and rinse/clean him with very cool water (almost cold). You don't want this to be a pleasant thing like a warm bath with Mommy's attention that makes him want to do it again! :) Also, make it quick without too much talking or attention, just very business like.

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Read Potty Wise by Ezzo and Bucknam. The method in this work really works

T. Burton
Go Green and Save Money

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This is what we did:

1) Underwear 100% (except for nap and night). Started with the plastic then graduated to more grown-up pair when she started mastering.

2) Took her to the potty every 30 minutes - 1 hour. As she got better we did not need to take her as often.

3) We talked about going potty all of the time and read books.

4) When she pushed-back and did not want to go potty. I basically gave her a choice - do you want the big potty or little potty. Meaning the adult potty or toddler potty. Also, she was not allowed to go on furniture unless she went potty first - that was always a nice incentive as well.

5) We also had a sticker chart that she loved. We showed everyone that came to our house and just overloaded her with stickers when she went in the potty.

6) Be patient and expect accidents. Do not punish them for having accidents. It is an inconvenience for you; however, they are still trying to master the technique and it takes a while.

7) Put your child in a position to succeed. Offer them the opportunity to go potty often, don't put them in front of the t.v. without having gone potty then expect them to want to get up and go, have them go potty before any fun activities, etc.

Hope this helps! Good luck.

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1- put a couple of Fruit Loops in the toilet bowl and let him take aim.

2- it is easier in summer months, because lighter clothes and quicker to get off/down

3- we filled a basket full of cheap (think dollar store) gifts, and wrapped them. Everytime ours had a success he got to pick a present. He would try and go do a few drips in order to earn the prize. Later he was so comfortable with the process that he lost interest in the presents and we never finished opening them all!

4- Keep in mind that training through the night will come later

5- We used the little paddded seat over the big seat. That way there was no extra dumping/cleaning...and they don't fall in!

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After potty training my two kids, I am absolutely convinced that kids will start using the potty when 'they' are ready. I did backflips trying to potty train my first, and I vowed to never do that again...then, what did I do with my 2nd?? RIGHT, I did it again! Once you have gone through the basics with him, I think it is not worth pushing him at all. It is better for all if 'he' chooses. Offering a treasure chest with Hotwheels helped us once my son started to show interest. I know it's frustrating, but as someone reminded me regularly..."he will not choose enter Kindergarten in diapers", so don't allow yourself to be too consumed by this. Take care!

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I used the outdoor months to let my son run naked and 'potty train' by peeing into the bushes, I felt that took the pressure off him to 'shoot straight' and then we just hosed off or went into the pool, he loved playing with the water hose. Sitting in a potty chair to let out the 'poo' was easier to teach after that. My son was 2 1/2 also - I waited until he wanted to learn, his sister learned much sooner.



answers from Dallas on

Everything goes much smoother when you have him interested and seeking to be involved. If he hasn't shown an interest yet maybe you can stimulate it with books or videos. For my reluctant 3 yr old I took the lid off the tank and showed her all the toilet parts working, then she wanted to watch it flush and, bingo! Interest! Good luck!



answers from Amarillo on

Everytime we went to potty, we took our children. We put the training potty in the bathroom. At first they just sat there and we talked, sang or read. Eventually, they realized they could go in the training potty and went on their own. In about 3 months, our children were trained. My best advise, don't stress over. They'll pick up on it and it'll take longer.

OH!! I agree with some of the others. Use diapers/pull up or undies. Don't use both.

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