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Updated on August 30, 2011
T.L. asks from Lutz, FL
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i have a 20 month old son, and i have been trying to start potty training, he is very smart, so i thought he would be interested and get the hang of it without a problem, is this age too early to start? is my first question, also, he goes to daycare and when they move up to the 2 year old room, they work on potty training there, im trying to get him familiar with it before thast time. he will sit on the potty and depending on the day, he will sit, but not do anything, other days he will cry, then i take him off.....he will usually pee when he gets in the bathtub, so i try to dunk him in the water then hurry him to potty, this has only worked once, he peed in the potty and i cheered for him, but he has never done it again... does anyone have any ideas on what will help and any stories on how you have potty trained your toddler? am i starting too early?

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answers from Wichita on

My daughter is 20 months also I started potty training her when she was 12 months. At first I kept the potty in the living room (its a potty that has a lid so it looks like a stepping bench) and every now and then I would put her on it. Then I took it into the bathroom, that she didn't like so much UNLESS you went pee at the same time, then she would go right away, finally she got the hang of it.


answers from Norfolk on

my son started getting curious about potty training himself around that age, but wasn't completely trained until a few months ago (at 2.5 years). Let him see you or daddy going potty so he sees what is supposed to go on



answers from El Paso on

i "started" potty training with my daughter when she was 20 months, but mostly it just consisted of HAVING her potty & encouraging her interest in it. We didn't get really serious with it until after we moved, and even then, we weren't really trying to force it. My mom got her to make a lot of progress by making it into a "game" of sorts. They came to visit us, and my mom would take my daughter to the bathroom with her and they would "make it rain." She started showing more interest after that. That was when she was 25 months. Then, a month or so later, we visited back home, and my mom suggested just going ahead and putting her in panties. Since we weren't at MY house, and my mom suggested it, I figured, eh, why not. Sure enough, it worked like a charm, and we've only had minimal accidents since.



answers from Chicago on

Potty training isn't a matter of being smart. Honestly, you are probably starting too early, and just think that if you start now it may take over a year to be done since boys usually master it around age three. There are readiness signs to look for to help determine if a child is ready. Here's a website with a checklist for you to look at:




answers from Miami on

Wayyy too early. It won't stick till around 3 so why start now??


answers from Kansas City on

The teacher won't force him to go on the potty, but she will start to get him used to the toilet first, still changing his diapers. She will know the readiness signs and start appropriately, and let you know when she thinks it is time to start at home.

Don't stress too much about it. he will tell you when he is ready, by saying pee-pee, poo-poo, go potty, or he will pull pants down, or pinch down there and say something.

I have a very difficult tot, he is almost 3 and I have not started with him yet. I don't think he is ready.

But yes, put the potty in sight, even if it is near his toys. Show him what it is for, you can use a teddy or a toy.

reward him if he shows you on his own that he needs the potty.

watch for readiness and be patient. And most of all have fun and make a game out of it. You can use sprinkles in the toilet, flush and make a tornado gesture and say WOOOOSHHHHH! All gone!! Kids love color.. have fun with it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

It depends on your son. 20 months for MY son would have been WAY to early. Is he showing interest in the potty? In you using the potty? In the toilet?, etc....?
Otherwise you are just coincidentally placing him ON the potty when he happens to have to pee. Big difference.
I'll tell you this much for sure: starting them before they are interested & ready will only prolong the process.
Why not just let him be exposed when he goes to the 2 year old room That's still pretty young.

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