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Updated on December 17, 2008
L.B. asks from Batesburg, SC
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I have a 2 year old who has some attention in the potty. She goes when she wants and she use to like to play in her own poo. I am a single mom who is working almost 40 hours a week. I have no idea how to potty train when I am gone most of the time... What do I do?

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answers from Atlanta on

Lisa is giving you good advice. I think too many young mothers these days resort to the pull ups because it's easier than dealing with messy britches, but if you really want to get her trained, just be consistent and stick with it and it will happen. You will, no doubt, get advice from women eventually here telling you she's too young, or you should let it come naturally, and that's all fine and well if you have plenty of money for diapers and stay at home with her all the time, but there's a reason they call it potty "training" -- and it's okay to train her to do it in the potty at age two. Kids are capable at the age of two of doing their business in a potty instead of all over themselves. Go for it. All four of my girls were trained by age two, it left no emotional scars to train them that early, and I did pretty much the same that Lisa has said for you to do. Consistency and being constantly aware of her need to go are the keys to success here. Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

With my second daughter I had to buy stickers and candy. So when I went or my oldest daughter went we took her as well. She had her own potty in the bathroom. When her sister went she got a candy and treat and soon she realized that if she wanted candy and a treat she should go too. By the time she was 2.5 she was going...but it was hard to get her to stop wanting the prizes everytime. Too me that was a small price to pay for no more diaper changing!!!



answers from Atlanta on

Try treats and rewards for going potty. Pee pee first. Then when she starts going pee pee, only give treats for poo. Mine is almost 3 and I am STILL working on it. Everytime we make a step forward, we take a step back. The worst is the poopy pants. I just try to keep a extra pair of pants where ever I go.



answers from Macon on

For me, I had to coordinate it with daycare to make it most effective. My daughter was ready when she was 2 and was going at home in the toilet(not always, but learning). However, her daycare did not have the proper toilet in the 2 year old room. Therefore, they couldn't help until she moved up to the 2 1/2 year old room and I didn't want to puch the issue at home on evenings and weekends if she had to wear diapers M-F while in daycare. The weekend before her transition into that room, I did the naked method all weekend. She had 2 accidents on Monday at daycare and none since. I did find that skirts or dresses helped her to be able to really know when she had to go b/c I think that the pants were too much like having a diaper on(at least in her mind). Check with whomever watches your daughters while you are working and that may help you be able to stay consistent b/c consistency is the key.



answers from Charleston on

I know some may not agree but it took about a 3-4 days to potty train both of my kids. My son is 14yrs now and my daughter is 7yrs. On the weekend when you have two days/nights free from work, if possible. Being a single mom myself I could not wait to NOT have to buy diapers. LOL. So when you get up and she gets up put big girl panties on her and go to the bathroom. Every 15-30mins ask her again and again. On some of those times take her to the bathroom and ask her to try and potty. "she won't have too" but that is okay make her wipe anyway as well. What you are doing is making her very aware that she "will" have to go sooner or later. She will have an accident and she will not like it at all. Clean her up and put clean clothes on her. Do not put a diaper or pull up on her. If you do she will think it is okay to wear them. At night let her go potty before bed and put big girl panties back on. Let her know the night light will be on for her if she has to get up later and potty. She will probly wet the bed, that's okay just put a mattress cover on the bed or a thick towel. One of my friends used puppy pads. They work too. Next day do everything the same way. If she goes to daycare tell them you are potty training her and did not bring anything except a change of clothes and toys, ect. If you have someone care for her other than daycare tell them what you have been doing and how and get them to do the same thing. Viola!!! Potty Trained! Hope this works. Remember you have to be constistant and tell who ever is watching her the same. Hope this helps. Let me know...

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