Potty Training 3 Year Old Boy - Roscommon,MI

Updated on June 07, 2010
S.V. asks from Roscommon, MI
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Hello moms, I really need some advice that works. My son will not poo in his toilet. I've tried everything that I can think of-advice from friends and family to my own creative ways. He pees about 80% of the time in his toilet but never has gone poo. He always messes in his pants. He's suppose to start preschool in fall but only if he's completely potty trained. I'm at my wits end. Could you send me some advice. Thanks.

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answers from Sacramento on

I teach young children; here is an idea that is usually successful at this age to potty train. Make a cute chart with your son's name, each day of the week and an am and pm slot by each day. Tape it up in a spot in the bathroom he uses and ( his eye level). Explain to your son that each time he does #2 in the toilet he will get a sticker on his chart. Explain to your son that when he gets 5-6 stickers total he will get a prize ( or whatever you want to set as a goal that is reasonable). he will get a small prize. When he achieves goal, immediately give the prize. In advance of starting this charting go to a dollar store and get some small inexpensive toys or trinkets he would like. Keep them in a prize bag that is visible to him, but he doesnt have access to (a neat decorative gift bag is good to store prizes in). Be sure you are asking him often if he has to go, at least hourly and always remind him to try soon after he eats. It you make it fun and rewarding this method works. Young children really get into a small reward for big accomplishments, as long as it is not done with everything. Usually after about 2 wks of charting the training is often complete. Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We had that hurdle too. Pee--no problem...poop, not so much!
The book "Once Upon A Potty" (boy version) seemed to help. Also once when I knew he was going poo in the pullup--I rushed him onto the potty and kind...uh....knocked the poop off his bum into the toilet like he had done it and just went crazy with the "Super Duper Pooper" song. Not long after that he finally got it! Good luck!

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answers from Albany on

Yes, all those ideas are wonderful! But in the end, he will do it when he's good and ready! And not one second before that.......one accident at pre-school will do the trick!



answers from Detroit on

It sounds crazy, but try asking him why he won't poop on the toilet and listen to what he has to say. My son had the same issue when we were potty training and when I finally asked him, he said, "The poop has to fall too far". I then told him that (it's gross, I know) the poop wants to swim to see all of his poop friends, and that comforted him enough to try. He still had accidents, but they became less and less. Good luck and have patience! :)



answers from Detroit on

I think some children are afraid to poop on the toilet. Maybe there is some underlying issue about him pooping on the toilet. Have you discussed with him why? Is he apprehensive about starting pre-school? Reassuring him this will be fun and will make friends may help. Just a thought.

Some suggestions are to read to him while he is on the toilet. Or give him a book to look at while he is on the toilet.

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