Potty Training 2Yr Old Twin Boys

Updated on June 14, 2007
J.M. asks from Imperial, PA
3 answers

Hi moms, I am a single mother of 2yr old twin boys. I know the boys are ready to be potty trained because they go in their room and close the door when they go to the bathroom. My problem is just getting them to do it on their potty. I've tried pull ups, but I'm not sure if they help or make it worse because they still feel like diapers. I'm also in school full time and work part time so we usually get home after 6pm on the weekdays. Please, anyone with suggestions would be of a great help.

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answers from Allentown on

Hi J.,

You're fortunate that your boys want to train early! My sons trained later. Yahoo for you! Pull ups never worked for me either. My theory...it's too close to a diaper for them. They're not gonna want to use the potty because it's too comfortable. When I trained my sons, I used regular underwear. Yes, it's a little messy...but they didn't like the wetness of it and soon learned that the only way to keep it dry was to use the potty. I did try the butt naked method but for me that was more messy than the underwear. I got tired of cleaning up puddles and worse off my floor. And that's when I just had one at a time. :o) A trick I learned was give them something to drink and then have them sit on the potty to go. Try not to let them up until they have gone. That helped in getting them used to the idea of sitting on the potty when they had to go. Be consistent and they'll catch on quickly. Interestingly, my boys always trained to pee first on the potty before pooping. With pooping, I could always tell when they were and rushed them off to the potty. That for us took a little longer. But once they made the connection, it became easy. I now have twin girls who are almost ready to train. Never had to do two at a time before so let me know how it goes!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.!
When I potty trained my twins, I made the mistake of trying to train them together and my son was not as ready as my daughter.
As soon as I trained my daughter my son was ready.

That is my only advice I have for you, potty training is hard. Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

My son is 2 and when it looked like he was ready we did one totally naked booty day. One Saturday in the morning we told him no diper today, and left his bottom just completely naked. When they are ready-they dont like peeing on the floor: they will do it once, feel wetness on the legs and then run to the potti next time. And since there is no pants to remove they actually should make it. After 2 Saturdays like this he learned to hold the pee and now asks to pull the pants down

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