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Updated on December 09, 2006
L.S. asks from Haverhill, MA
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Hi Everyone, I was wondering about the sings of potty training, How do I know if my 19 month old daughter is ready?

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answers from York on

She seems a little young but you could leave the potty chair out in the rooms she plays in to get her familiar with it. Have her sit on it and if she shows an interest take her diaper off and have her sit. Many people train their kids by letting them run around without pants on. A lot of kids learn not to have an accident by being naked. Something about peeing on themselves they don't like. Good Luck!

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answers from Boston on

She'll stay dry for several hours at a time; she can stand, walk, sit, etc. all by herself; she shows interest in what you are doing when YOU use the potty; she shows signs of recognizing that she needs to go before she actually goes, like wincing and grabbing herself; she can tell you how she feels and understands simple commands. There's a book out there called potty trining in a day (uh, total fantasy) which has really good recommendations as long as you don't ACTUALLY expect it to happen that fast.



answers from Boston on

all i did with my children and now my grandchildren was i bought a potty chair when they could sit by themselves and when i went potty i took them with me. Saved me from wondering if i could potty faster than they could get into something too If they went while i was going great if they didn't ok. They trained themselves basically. No pressure on anyone.



answers from Boston on

I tried potty training my son twice. Once when he had just turned 2 and when he was 2 1/5. The first time he was showing interest and I thought he was ready. We tried for a week straight. When he was still peeing on the floor every half hour or so, and didn't care, I knew he wasn't ready. The second time was much easier. Coupled with the fact that I tried a potty chair in the living room instead of a potty seat on the toilet. He loved the fact that he could watch TV and go to the bathroom at the same time. My advice would be if you think she's ready give it a go. If she's not it's not the end of the world, she still young.

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