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Updated on September 21, 2009
R.C. asks from Denver, CO
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Hi everyone! I am trying to potty train my almost three year old, but don't know where to start. When she is wet, she will tell me "soaking wet, mama" but when I put her on the potty, she just sits there and looks at me. It's almost like she's just not interested. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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answers from Boise on

My pediatrician recommended the Potty Training In a Day method. Basically, you pick one day that you can devote entirely to potty training. You set the timer for 20 minutes, and every time it goes off, you take your daughter to the potty seat to sit for a few minutes. Eventually, she'll end up peeing in the potty. When she does, you make a big deal about it. My sons both got to call Daddy at work and grandma, who also made a huge deal out of it.

Your daughter will "get it." But now she just doesn't understand what you want her to do when you sit her on the toilet.

We also liked books about potty training. I think what works will be different for each child. My first son had a book that explained what the potty seat was for. He really understood the concept from the book. Of course, talking about it is very important. That book was packed away when my second son needed it, so we just talked about it instead. What really did it for my second son was a book called "No More Diapers for Ducky." The book itself was pretty lame, but the title caught on, and he kept saying, "No more diapers for Zachy."

Speaking of books, books are wonderful to have in the bathroom. The longer you can keep your daughter sitting on the potty by reading a book, the higher her chances are of going pee!

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answers from Denver on

Hi R., I showed my grand daughter her private parts in the mirror and told her it was her vagina and that she goes pee pee out of it. That way when I put her on the potty I could tell her, "I want you to pee out of your vagina." I went pee and let her see that I went pee on the potty. I researched little shows on you -tube and let her sit on my lap and watch other little people go pee pee. Even the ones from other countries. I sit her backward straddling the big potty and I sit her on her potty chair too. I also thought about training little boy's and putting a cherio in the toilet to aim at so, I gave her a cherio to pee pee on and told her to pee on it. With my oldest I put a clown decal in the bottom of the pot and told her to pee on the clown. I could not tell if she had pottied even a little in the little potty chair as the bottom of it is a dark blue. So, I dry it out completely between washings and place one sheet of t.p. in the bottom. When she pottys on it I know right away because it is wet and I know it is time to do the potty dance. The other day in the bath tub I heard her singing, "Do the potty dance!" to her rubber ducky. Well, that is what I have done so far and it seems to be working, right now I guess my biggest dilema is just teachng her to pull her panties down before she sits on the potty.

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answers from Grand Junction on

For the most part being extremely consistent is very important to your children. I think if you will take her to the potty at least once every hour she will begin to schedule herself to go during those times. She will eventually catch on but again you must be consistent with taking her in regularly. Blessings, L.



answers from Denver on

We just started potty training last week. My daughter will be 2 on Halloween. I kept asking the pro's (my dad, grandma, and friends with older children) and I couldn't get a straight answer! So I just winged it. I spent the entire week at home on the bathroom floor. It was grueling! I put her on the potty chair 30 min. after eating or drinking which amounted to about every 1/2 hour, since I was told to give her a lot to eat and drink so she'd have to go a lot! I had her sit there as long as possible or until she peed. We had a "potty kit" on the bathroom counter:
Books: "Once upon a potty" and "Everyone poops"
(youtube potty training, potty time, and potty song)

I just tried to keep her as occupied as possible for as long as possible. It took a few days of accidently peeing on the potty and me flouncing around like an idiot for her to get it. By day 3 I realized she made the association with diapers and going to the bathroom. So we spent the rest of the week with her butt cheeks hanging out! She would move around all funny when she had to go because she didn't have any where to go. That's when I'd put her on the potty! Poof! She made the connection! What really made the connection for her is that she didn't know what we wanted her to do on the potty chair, since no one else uses the potty chair. She watched us go potty on the toilet. So we got her a stool and a seat for the big potty!
Now she is in pull ups and we o on the potty several times a day and have few accidents. I just have to keep an eye on her because she does not tell me yet.Next week I think we'll have peeing down and then move on to pooping.....I don't know how we're gonna do that!



answers from Dallas on

I put my daughter on the potty and turned on the bathtub faucet, she peed immediately and I made a crazy scene! She got it after a while. We aren't done yet, but thats how it all started!



answers from Denver on

Get the book called "Potty Training in a Day!". It sounds ridiculous but it worked on both of my boys, one at 2 years 1 month and the other at 2 years 6 months. One did it in half a day, no accidents, and the other did it in one day, no accidents. Good luck.



answers from Denver on

How long have you been trying to train her? If you are just starting, her actions are typical. I recommend taking her into the bathroom with you when you go and consistently putting her on the potty. She will go eventually. Good luck!

Make it a GREAT week!


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