Potty Training 2 Year Old Twin Girls

Updated on January 24, 2010
S.D. asks from Valhalla, NY
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Hi, My brother and his wife have twin girls and they are a little over 2 years old. One of them continues to take off her pants and diaper and they don't always catch her in time before she goes to the bathroom on the floor. My sister in law has tried to put them on the potty, but it is hard with two active toddlers. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on potty training, but especially how to get them to keep on the diapers.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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answers from Chicago on

I did not potty train my twins girls until they were 3. I did it in the summer. I put them in sun dresses ( around the house) no underwear or pullups, and put out the potty chair. It took maybe 2 days to train them. I found it easier to wait until my kids were 3, then it only takes less then a week to train.

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answers from Boston on

Definitely train the one that's showing interest now. Train the other one when she's interested or with a little encouragement from you. I trained my twin boys at 2 1/2 years. The potty was left out for them to practice sitting on before I started to really train them. It was just so they could get used to it. At training time, I planned to pretty much stay home for a week but it only took about 5 days at the most. I've never understood Pull-Ups as the child never feels the wetness. I used training underwear--thick and absorbent--from Sears. Every 10-15 minutes or so i would ask them if they had to go potty and/or have them sit on the potty. If they started to wet, I would wisk them over to the potty quickly. Pretty soon they could tell me when they were starting to go and a little later they could tell me when they were about to go. It took some diligence for several days but wasn't that difficult. When I was confident that we could go out with them wearing underwear, I always made sure that all three kids went to the bathroom before we left the house. In case of an accident, I also knew where every bathroom was in the mall or gas station/restaurant in town. In addition to using the potty before we left the house, I also found it very helpful to park near a restroom so we could pop in before we left the mall/store and would be safe until we got to the next destination that would have a potty.

Other friends of twins have bought portable (inflatable?) potties and had the kids use them in the back of the minivan. And of course everyone packs an extra set of clothes.

I really believe that staying home for several days straight to focus on the task at hand was the key to their success.

Good luck!

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answers from Utica on

Hi S.
Twins are so much fun.
My twins are grown now, but oh the stories I can tell. And love to tell so if they can email I would love to do that.
My potty training story is this.
We used 2 potty chairs, and the toilet add on seat as well.Training was one thing we did together even though the younger was not as interested as the older, but she caught on quickly. They both trained at about 2. When the older twin climbed on the toilet with no add on, not a problem the other just climbed on too, back to back.
The older one was trained first; since I would talk about big girl pants, she said "I big girl, you a baby" to her twin sister one minute younger. Needless to say we went to pull ups for the younger twin for a month or so, and I had a great laugh.
With all 4 I was careful not to miss the signs they were ready because my mom would say if you miss the signs of readiness, children are much harder to train. I found that so when I worked at the day care and so many 3 and 4 yo were untrained.

God bless you & especially for asking for your brother's family
K. SAHM married 39 years --- adult children 38,33,and 19



answers from Minneapolis on

I have b/g twins, and we're just potty training one at a time. Our daughter is well on her way, while our son is barely interested. Maybe start with the one who is taking off her clothes and start on the other one when she's ready.



answers from New York on

if they're getting out of diapers it's time to potty train or bring in the pullups (i do not like those). i potty trained mine the week they turned 3. it took just a few days. i did it in the summer, and was the easiest thing ever. i didn't keep them at home during the process so they don't feel it was a punishment that they had to learn, so i got that potty on the go that uses ziploc bags. i didn't use rewards or anything of the sort, or pullups.
so basically every hour i took them to sit on the potty, just for a couple of min. they either went or they didn't. an hr later, same story. i put regular panties on them.
in the evening i didn't give anything to drink 2 hrs before bedtime (and if i did it was just warm milk. they don't like the taste of warm milk so they didn't want to drink much of it). before bed, take them potty. then off to bed. when i would go to bed, around 11, i would get them up to go potty one more time. they'd be asleep but they would go. i also let a potty thing with a lid and a box of wipes in their bedroom. taught them how to use it and what to do with the wipes. they used it until they got their bladder under control. also, for bed, i used those waterproof mattress protectors.
i guess that covers it. good luck to your family



answers from New York on

Hello. My daughter is 3 years old and she is just getting the potty training down. Reports have indicated that they cannot be rushed, so I started just putting her on the potty every hour or so and I always kept bottoms on which prevented her from pulling off the diaper. There is also a great kit that you can get from pottytots.com that includes a book, dvd, chart and more to motivate children to use the potty. I hope this helps. Good luck!



answers from New York on

I hope reading and books have been introduced to the two girls?! That said, when Potty training you don't wait until the girls are about to have an accidentto sit them on the Potty chair... Barnes and Noble has Audio books...Get two different Audio books, put both of them on their potty chairs with the Audio Books and let them do their magic. After a couple of times doing this, they both will become anxious to use the potty. The potty is the ONLY time to use the audio books until they are both potty trained. I use to let my daughter go without a diaper around the house because I made such a HUGE deal about her wearing "BIG-GIRL" (character) Panties... Tinkerbell and Dora did the trick... POSTIVE REINFORCEMENT AND OVER THE TOP "RAVING" is sure to encourage the girls to "want" to Potty... After the Girls do their thing in the potty, clap like crazy, and tell them ok, Mommy is putting the books up until us girls have to use the Potty chair again... If I am rambling, please forgive me, its 12:36am Yawn Zzzzz Tired! Best of Luck to you! C.



answers from San Diego on

well, is she just enjoying stripping or is she trying to potty train? My friend had to duct tape her twin girls diapers for a while b/c they liked to strip naked;-) Our pediatrician warned us it is normal for toddlers to express interest in the potty, and then not, several times before they are truly ready to potty train.

For potty training, we laid blankets down in all the play areas of the house and let our daughter just wear a shirt, socks, and legwarmers-- no diaper or panties. Nothing to send a mixed message (diaper) and nothing to slow her down on the way to the potty. I have a 1 yr old on the move while potty training the 2 yr old, so I understand the 2 active kids part!

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