Potty Training 2 Year Old Girl

Updated on November 22, 2007
C.P. asks from Kalamazoo, MI
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I just started potty training m little girl. She is 2 years old. She has a little potty and a book she really likes (elmo) that she can look at while she sits on the potty. I'm just looking for any advice at all about potty training little girls. She doesn't like sitting on her potty. It plays music, and she likes that. I just dont know how to maybe make it more fun for her. How do you get her to understand what she is suppose to do on the potty? She is in training pants. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx everybody.

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answers from Bismarck on

When I started potty training my girl who now is 7 she was a week shy of 3 and I noticed a independent streak she wanted to do everything herself and so I thought she should go potty. That was it one day, she had her own chair and loved it. Now I am potty training my 3 yr old son and it was so different I still cannot get him to go number 2 on the potty but he does go number 1 and will hold it. He does wear pull ups at night and sometimes when he has his pullups on he will go number 2 but most of the time it is in his underware. I thought he would like his potty chair but he did not, I had to go and get a step stool and a little toilet seat that fits over the big one. That is how I somewhat trained him. Still working will never give up though.
I hope this helps.

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answers from Fargo on

our pediatrician, when my kids were little, advised just making the potty available and not putting alot of stress into it....kids will do it naturally eventually....as my doc said "you never see a 21 yr old in diapers"....every time you 'go potty' tell her that's what you're doing (she doesn't have to be in with you...just know that you're doing it)....and her natural desire to imitate you will kick in eventually....if you put alot of pressure on her it will make things alot worse...

when my eldest was toddling my mother got me all upset because she claimed she had me potty trained by 7 months old....so i got all worried and followed my poor little son around constantly bullying him about going potty....he got so upset by it all that he started hiding in closets and wetting his pants or pooping in there....hiding from me!!...he wasn't "trained" til after he was three when i finally took the doc's advice and let him be....obviously he could control it, as shown by his going into the closet, so he knew the urges etc....but my nazi-like pressure kept him so anxiety ridden he couldn't actually go in the potty....

another thing you shouldn't do is reward with candy or other treats....when i was training my daughter, we had a jar of "potty training candy" that was just for her....and whenever she went potty, we would parade thru the house singing about how she went potty, then she got to select a piece of candy from the jar....this started her on a pattern of using food as a reward....not a good thing....i recognize the same pattern in my life (my mom did the same sort of thing)....we both have significant weight problems...

and it was difficult to determine when the potty going became so normal that it was time to stop rewarding....a hug and an encouraging praise works just as well....alternatively scolding and anger won't improve the situation.... if she has an accident after she has gotten the idea, a sad look and a reminder about next time works well....

also some pretty, fancy "big girl pants" held out for when she stays dry can be a good incentive...let her pick them out, telling her that when she stays dry for a certain length of time she'll get to wear them....

just let her be....she'll catch on eventually....




answers from Boise on

First get rid of the pull ups, they are a false sence of security, and made more for the parents then the child, Let her run naked in the begining, If she is in the livivng room put the potty out were she can see it, that way it is a constant reminder, I know some parents have a hard time with that but it only sits in the same room for a day or two then you move it back into the bathroom, place her on the potty at regular intervals, for most of mine this only took about 2 maybe 3 days, once she recognizes the feeling put some big girl panties on her, let her pick, expect an accident or 2 they still have to get use to the feeling of the barrier and the fact that the panties won't collect the urine but go straight down her leg, I have only had to train for about a week with each of mine that I used this method with, it took longer with the 2 I tried the "old fashioned" way. Godd Luck!



answers from Omaha on

a book that was greatly helpful for us with my son was The Potty Training Answer Book.
at 3yrs and 5 months my son was trained in a weekend.
keep trying with the underwear and taking her in to sit on the potty frequently thru out the day. if she is still having accidents after two days. then stop and go back it diapers and wait a bit longer.
good luck



answers from Pocatello on

Good luck with the potty training. I started my daughter at 2 1/2 and just let her sit on the potty and get familiar with it. She even put her stuffed animals on it. When we were ready to get serious- I gave her potty prizes every time she went potty in her potty! (dollar store works well) Be patient children are usually not ready to toilet train until 2 1/2 - 3 years old - try not to rush.

All the best-



answers from Salt Lake City on

I would suggest not putting her in training pants, it just confuses the child. I potty trained my son, he is now 3 and that is the suggestion that was given to me was to put him in big boy underwear. You might try that with your little girl. I actually had a potty seat that connected to the big toilet. I also took him to the bathroom every 1/2 at first then moved it to every hour. That might get it her to know what she is suppose to do on the toilet. My son loved Elmo and we would tell him that Elmo had to go to the bathroom. We also had a dance we did after he went to the batroom. One other thing we tried was a potty chart that he got to put stickers on. We posted this on the back of the bathroom door. I wish you the best in the potty training.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Make sure she's ready - you can find a check-list at any diaper website or babycenter.com If she is ready, I found that I put my daughter on the potty when she woke up in the morning and after a nap (when she most likely needed to go) and just did everything I could to keep her on the potty until she finally went. And when she does use the potty, make a huge deal of it. Once she's used the potty several times, then switch to regular underware so she understands the wetness. She'll most likely get urinating before she'll get the b.m. My daughter started training a couple months after her second birthday (she's now 2 1/2 years) and did really well with urinating, but she's still hit and miss with the pooping. All in due time, I guess! Good luck!



answers from Omaha on

when I was training my daughter I bought a dvd called "Once Upon a Potty" and she loved it. She still watches it sometimes just for fun and she is almost four now. I think it really helped her understand what she needed to do and it's not a very long show at all, maybe 30 minutes or so.



answers from Madison on

Hi C.,

I am a mom of 3 girls. I have a 10 year old and identical 4 year old twins. With my first I was very ambicious about doing everything right. We would get up in the morning together and I had her potty next to the "Big" potty. I sat her on it every morning and I went at the same time. I talked to her about going potty. At 11 month she was potty trained and wearing big girl under pants. I reccomend skipping the training pants diapers and going straight to thicker underwear. I would put training pants on her and would find it delayed the training. I only put them on her during nap time and night time. I found if I skipped the night time wearing, I would have had less diapers to buy.

When it came time for the twins, during the summer I let them run naked and put the potty chair outside with us. They were day and night time trained at 2. Whew!!!! Hope it helps, good luck.




answers from Lansing on

to start with you need to take her ever hour and sit her on the potty and soon she will get it potty training is not a fun thing it what we do when we are big girls if we pee in the potty we get a little treat maybe there m&m if we poop we get a sucker or stickers



answers from Grand Rapids on

It might not be "time" yet. Try letting her be butt necked; if she gets "it" then she is ready, if not wait a few months.



answers from Benton Harbor on

When we started potty training our little girl-2 at the time, who is now almost 7, she was in daycare and there was another girl training also. But at home we used a calender in the bathroom and stickers. We also used a potty seat that sat on the big potty, because she would not use the potty chair either. Daycare helped a lot!! But she would get a sticker for pee pee and a different sticker for poop poop. She was trained by the time she was 2 1/2 years old. If stickers don't work, try prizes.

A little about me:

I'm 38 and recently separated single Mom of one child, daughter almost 7. Work full time. Her Dad is wonderful, he helps with everything!



answers from Kalamazoo on

Your daughter might not be ready yet. But I have seen where the book "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day" has been recommended quite a bit. The author is Teri Crane.

I did buy the book, and I've read some of it, but my daughter is not ready yet. (she is only 19 months old) But it does give lots of helpful hints on how you can teach your child what to do on the potty and all that. Of course, there are numerous books and articles out there on this subject too. I've seen some interesting articles on www.babycenter.com as well. Maybe do some reading and you will figure out what method is best for your daughter.

Good Luck!!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Get the book, How To Potty Train In a Day at the library. I did my boys in just that and a couple more to figure out #2! Also, with my kids I poured a little bit of water over the potty area into the toilet and said tinkle, tinkle to give them the idea and they think it is funny...good luck!
p.s. nights take a lot longer , especially for that young of age.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I know it sounds funny, but this hasn't been suggested yet from what I can see...let her watch you go potty. I admit it's kinda weird, but it sparks their interest. I even let my daughter flush my potty when I was done, and that got her really excited about potty time.

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