Potty Training 2 1/2 Yr Old Boy

Updated on January 12, 2010
M.T. asks from Austin, TX
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Mom's need advice on POTTY TRAINING a 2 1/2 yr. old Boy. Daughter has two children Baby John 2 1/2 and Maddy 6 mos.

He started OKAY, but now is having accidents and does not let us know when wants to PEE. We have the chart on the wall for rewards BUT this is not working. Also, have put FruitLoops in the bowl.

Thank you,

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My son's daycare gave out 1 Skittle each time the kids went to the potty. I kept this reward system at home and he was trained in 2 weeks. They also had it set up where the bathrooms had no doors and the littler kids could see their classmates going to the bathroom. This was helpful because it allowed them to see what was going on and learn from it. Good luck, it can be a booger of a time!

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I would say he is not ready. Don't force it! It will be headache for all involved. It will happen in due time! My son was almost 4 when he finally got it for good and we stopped having accidents. Telling you that you need to go and not having accidents is a developmently thing; don't rush it; he may not be ready and you don't want him to hate going potty in the bathroom. It will come!



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Hi M.,
There could be two things happening here:
It is perfectly normal that he would regress since the new baby is here and he feels like she's getting all of the attention.
Many times parents try to rush the older child into potty training before the new baby arrives so they won't have to change two sets of diapers.
Maybe he doesn't really know when he has to go. Has he come to you in the past to tell you he needs to go or do you put him on the potty every so often?
I would try to back off of it a little and ask him to tell you when he needs to go. If he chooses not to tell you that is okay. When he is ready, he'll do it. Hope this helps.




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I have heard lots of people talk about how lazy boys are and how they aren't interested and don't force it and wait until they are three to start. Lots of different excuses why it is ok for a boy to wait longer. I personally don't believe this is the case. My son has been potty trained since he turned 2 with very few accidents. He will be 3 in March and doesn't even use a pull up at night anymore. The pullups and diapers today are so absorbent that it does not bother children in the least to be wet or dirty because they feel nothing. Even the cool alert and such are not a wet feeling. It is all pretty confortable. This is what has pushed the little ones back. For my son it took 2 1/2 days. I put him in big boy underwear that he picked out and although he peed in them every time the first 2 days, he knew it everytime he did. We would get him changed and I would wipe up the floor, no big deal, after that all of a sudden he said potty and grabbed himself and hasn't had any problems since. I really think it is the diaper and pullup not that the child isn't ready, it is just that the child doesn't know. Yes a potty chair is good to start with, not so intimidating for the little ones. I still have to put him on the potty every time he has to go but I don't have to change diapers anymore.



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I have potty trained two boys. All I can say is, he isn't ready. Most boys aren't going to be ready until at least 3 years old. I know (from experience) that you can't make a kid potty train before his (her) time. I would let it all go, go back to diapers, for a few months. I would definitely get his own potty. He is not going to be ready to do the "stand up" stance until he is successful at the sit down. And I wouldn't encourage him to. All you will get is a bunch of pee on the toilet, wall and floor. Again, I know this from experience. Not fun. My boys are 18 months apart, so I understand the urge to only have one in diapers. But believe me, it is NOT worth the annoyance and time to have to change sheets in the middle of the night, throw away underwear, leave a place of business because of an accident.
Good luck.



answers from Houston on

I would wait another 6 months. The actual best age to start is closer to 3years. He really sounds too young yet.
When he is doing his training make sure that every time he goes and is successful make a HUGE deal about it. Give him his favourite treat, book, toy, spin him around in the air, cheer, make it really worth his while. This is how we did it for my son and he was done in a week.
Good luck.



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Ditto Jennifer H. All children are different. He's not there. You will know when he is ready.



answers from Waco on

Don't force the issue... it will backfire! ;) The average age for potty training these days is around 39 months and it is usually longer for boys. Wait until he shows more signs of readiness. My daughter will turn 4 in April and while she is potty trained, I can tell you that most of the boys in her class (some who are already 4) are still struggling. Be patient... when he is ready, everything will "click".



answers from Beaumont on

Wait until summer. He doesn't sound ready and with warmer days there will be fewer wet garments to wash while training!

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