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Updated on June 28, 2007
Y.O. asks from Pico Rivera, CA
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hello i'm about to start potty training my 3 year old son :) and need help what do i do?? and how do i start???

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answers from Reno on

Has your little guy shown any interest? With our 4 year old, we always had the door to the bathroom open, so he always saw what we were *ahem* 'doing', for lack of a better word. lol...

Anyway, we actually used a little toilet ring for him to sit down on, and a little stool for his feet. He was never into the baby potty chairs since, you know, WE didn't use them. lol...we would just sit him on the seat for a bit and let him hang out for a while, just to get used to it. We did it without expecting any miracles, so it was low key.

He just kind of watched his dad and started mimicking. This was at about 2 years old. He was completely potty trained at about 2 1/2. Nice, I know.

Our daughter is just 2 now, and I keep hoping for the same thing. I've been hoping watching her brother sit on the thrown would encourage her, but so far nothing...

Good luck with it! Don't get frustrated, though, it took him a while to walk, talk, eat with a fork and everything else...it just takes practice. :)


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answers from Los Angeles on

The good thing is that it is summer. What I did was let my little guy run around outside naked in the summer and teach him to pee on the trees. It shows them how to control the stream without peeing all over the bathroom! We had a very private yard though. if you don't have privacy in your yard, put broccoli in the toilet and tell him to pee on that tree. Or pee on the cheerios, or even melt the ice cube.
Have fun!!

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answers from Honolulu on

My son just turned 3 and decided that he was gonna potty train himself. I had started a about 2 months back, by introducing him to the potty. He would go potty every now again, but I never pushed it. He has a brother 11 and a half months older, so he kept watching him. The week that he turned 3,he was fully potty trained and honestly i really had nothing to do with it. It was his brother that did it. I am a single parent, but was lucky enough to have my 4 yr old potty trained by an xbf. Having him see what another male is doing will help out a lot. That I have learned.

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answers from San Diego on

Buy him some underpants in his favorite character, or as close as you can get.
Tell him that when he needs to go that he needs to tell you.
Sticker charts work wonders.
With my oldest we used a sticker chart and when he filled (start small with 10 spaces, then work you way up) it he'd get a McDonald's Happy Meal. Maybe for you it'd be something differnt, but it's got to be something that he won't get until he fills the chart.
It takes a bit and it's messy, but if you praise the accomplishments and support him through the accidents it'll be a good time.
Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on


I am glad that you waited until age 3. Wise choice!
First thing is first! If you are going to train you need to be totally committed.
Personally, I think that boys are easier to train than girls because they can stand up and go. The boys get to play battleship. Drop some cheerios into the big toilet and let him try to sink them. Him and his dad can have a contest the first time so that your son knows what is expected or how to play the game. Pee train first and the rest will follow. It shouldn't take long. Don't waste your money on pullups. Use regular underware. Take him to the toilet every 1/2 hour to start. Push extra fluids so that he will pee more often. Make sure that he pees before going to bed. Stop all fluids 1 hour before bedtime.

1. Shop for underware
2. Introduction to battleship game.
3. Bathroom every 1/2 hour.

This is some advice that I wrote previously in regards to a girl. I changed the words to reflect a boy. The problem that she was having was that she was unable to get her daughter to successfully pee on the toilet. If you have the same problem, start a log. Keep track of what he drinks, the quanity, the time and when he pees. By doing this, you will be able to establish a timeframe so that success is almost certain.

Don't waste your money on pull-ups. They are no better than diapers. Take him to buy regular underwear. When he wets it will send a clear message to him because it will run down his legs. I have never seen a kid not care about it.

Potty training off and on never works. He is either in training or he is not. If he is training, it means that he will need to be introduced to public restrooms also. In other words, if you are going to the store or out to eat, do not put him in a diaper for a few hours for convenience. As soon as you get to your destination, the first place you need to visit is the bathroom. That way, he will know that there is one available giving him no excuse to go in his pants.

Some (most in my experience) kids will not train on a potty chair. Put him on the regular toilet. Purchase an insert to make the hole smaller if he feels insecure. Supply a stool so that he can climb up on his own. Let her try to pull up her own pants and offer assistance if he needs it. Let him flush the toilet when he is done and wave goodbye. Kids love to flush the toilet. Handwashing is next and should be a ritual by the way. Some kids like a handwashing song. The key here is to make going to the bathroom fun!

He might like this activity so much that she will drive you nuts, but hang in there. The initial excitement will wear off in time.

I would let him do all of the steps whether he is successful or not. Add something special when he is successful like a sticker or something. Give him a favorite treat for a successful poop!

Hold all liquids for at least an hour before bedtime. He will more than likely stay dry through the night. Get a plastic mattress liner for his bed just in case.

I hope that these tips help and good luck!


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answers from Austin on

Hi Y. :)

I used "Potty Scotty" (purchased off ebay) with my son. It was fast, fun and worked really well! :)

Best of wishes!

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