Potty Seat While Travelling

Updated on May 20, 2011
S.G. asks from Sunnyvale, CA
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Hello Moms,

Now this may seem like a stupid question. But, I'm curious to find out how do you manage your child's potty habits while travelling? My son has speech delays. So, he dosent say when he needs to go. But, as soon as we figure he needs to go, we make him sit on the potty seat and he goes. We've been working on the sign language as well. But, while travelling, I have to always let him go in a diaper because he's not comfortable on the adult sized potty seat. So, what do you do? Do hotels usually have potty seats for children as well? Please advise.


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answers from Stockton on

I just found this great travel seat at Walmart for a longer trip we took out of state and on a plane. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mommys-Helper-Cushie-Travel-Pot...

Folds up great. Fits most, if not all, seats. Might want to put a seat cover underneath.. And my little guy is the one using it and he he just points his pee pee down, as there is no guard. It really helped with the pooping away from home situation, which is always an issue. Get it early and have him get used to it at home...

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answers from Honolulu on

"On The Go Potty" is GREAT!
We have had one since my daughter was a toddler.
We still keep it in the car.
It is a life saver!

It is meant to be kept in the car.
Comes with absorbing plastic bag type liners.
Or you can use a plastic bag, with a women's pad in it or a diaper to soak up the pee.
Just tie the bag up and then toss it.

Online has it like at Amazon.
Baby stores too.

Just do the search words "travel potty."

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answers from Atlanta on

Hello S.,

The first thing that we do while traveling is to limit our daughter's drinks. So, we give her a quick drink of juice and then keep the sippy cup in the front seat with us.

The second thing that we do (on road trips) is stop every 2-3 yours for a potty break. Public toilets are disgusting, so we use the portable "Fisher price Planet Froggy Potty Seat". It's perfect because we keep it on the floor in the back seat and she can sit down out of everyone's sight and potty. The down side to this is that you have to pour out the pee so we typically park near the grass. (embarassing- yes....convenient and clean - yes)

As for the hotel, they do not have children's seats so we do two things: first we keep the portable Fisher Price Frogy seat in the hotel bathroom next to the adult toilet. The second option is to bring your own soft potty seat cover for the adult toilet.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Potty --> http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Froggy...

Potty seat cover --> http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Pooh-Soft-Potty-Seat/dp/B000...

Best to you,

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answers from Sacramento on

When mine were little. I found a folding Potty seat at target. It was pretty sturdy because my 8 year old still uses it if the rest room is gross.



answers from Redding on

There is an inflatable potty also that has a place for a bag to go in it.


answers from Phoenix on

my kids are older but I believe they have portable potty seats now. I would just take the padded one that sits on top of the big toilet. my daughter had the 'great' experience of an automatic toilet flushing while she was on it!!! it terrified her so i had to go in and put my hand over the sensor so she could go! but I would just take the seat in a big diaper bag. hope you find something that works for you.



answers from Dallas on

check out one step ahead online. it had the fold up potty seat people are talking about. I think its $10 or so.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Get a travel seat. They fold so they fit in the diaper back and fit almost all regular toilets. We used one whenever we went out of the house from when DS was 2 until he was big enough not to fall in. I think ours was from Babies R Us or some regular baby store - not hard to find. To clean, just wipe down (easy) when you are in the bathroom. You can fully rinse off later in your hotel in the tub or sink. Sorry - never did the clean the potty thing - yuck.



answers from San Francisco on

We keep the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus in our van and have used it in planes, restaurants and other public restrooms. We also keep a large sturdy plastic container with a lid in the van to put the potty seat on in case we're in places without a restroom. That plastic container has been used a lot - especially during the early stages of potty training.



answers from San Francisco on

we got the ikea potty ($3) , i only used it for travelling (we have triplets so to save time i always carry one potty (even now they r all trained) on our back of the car. very convinient & time saver

My kids also had speech delayed initially so i potty trained them very late around 4 yrs but it took me 3-5 days to train (rewards which will encourage them to go on their own while u keep asking them "what do u want" & they will answer



answers from San Francisco on

We have a fold up travel potty seat. It fits over the toilet and comes with a travel plastic case. I always bring this on long trips to keep the little bums off of the nasty gas station toilets. Fits nicely in a larger purse or backpack and is all plastic so wipes off easily.
Good luck :)



answers from Kansas City on

you can buy fold up potty seats, which we had one for emergencies.



answers from San Francisco on

We had the Bjorn potty seat... the one that goes on the toilet. It doesn't fold but is nonslip, sturdy, and most importantly... comfortable. We carried it in a cloth diapering wet bag from bummis but any plastic bag will do. It fits in a backpack and best of all no storing of pee or poo on the go. In a pinch you can even put it on a bucket instead of a toilet... burt we're sticklers for appropriate pottying places so didn't try that. Bring an S hook with you so you can hang it from the towel bar at the hotel. Definitely worth the money!



answers from Sacramento on

They have little foldable one you can buy that lay on top.



answers from San Francisco on

we bought a travel toilet from one step ahead - used gallon ziplocs to catch the pee/poop - well worth the $ - saves anxiety over nasty public toilets and he can keep his feet on the floor,which allows him to push - good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

I bought this nice folding seat from Leaps and Bounds ($9.95) http://www.leapsandbounds.com/catalog/product.jsp?product...

It folds into quarters, is thick study plastic, has rubber on on the bottom so it doesn't shift, and handles for the kiddos. My daughter is very slim so it was tough for her to balance on public toilets. This also takes care of worrying about dirty toilets in gas station bathrooms on long car rides. I just keep it in a half gallon zip-lock bag in the car. My daughter was excited about using it so it helped when she insisted she didn't have to go potty :)



answers from San Francisco on

Although my son is not old enough for potty training I know that they make portable potty seats for kids that are nice and compact. You may want to search the web but there are a lot of options.

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