Potato Allergy

Updated on March 25, 2008
V.S. asks from Helotes, TX
5 answers

My son just had an allergy test that said he is allergic to milk and potato. I understand the milk allergy but the potato allergy seems strange. I've never heard of such a thing. Does anyone out there have a child or is themselves allergic to potatoes. Any tips???

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answers from Houston on

My 12 yr old was born with milk allergy. We withheld all milk products for 1 yr and the allergy lessoned from all to just unprocessed milk products like ice cream, yogurt and milk.

Letting your allergy child experience the reactions (as long as they're not life threatening) on occasion seems to help them understand and learn how to manage it earlier. When she would ask for ice cream at parties I always asked her if she thought it was a good idea and tried to leave it up to her as much as possible. She learned and just deals with it like brushing her teeth or any other routine now.



answers from San Antonio on

I am allergic to beans and rosemary. We often marvel at the oddity of it. Be aware though, over the last couple of years, my reactions have become more severe. Be sure that anyone that has any opportunities to feed your son knows about his allergies. Good luck and God Bless.




answers from Austin on

The immune system handles allergies too, not just illness. Support the immune system, you'll help with allergies too.

They're right, you can be allergic to anything. I'm incredibly allergic to pork - the only food allergy I am specifically aware of and have been since preschool. And an incredibly annoying allergy at that as it seems to be especially the fat. So no picking the pepperoni off and eating the pizza and have to ask at every single tex/mex or italian restaurant about lard, etc.. Didn't outgrow it either, still get sicker than a dog. Just is what it is.

At least it seems his food allergies are fairly easy to manage/avoid. I have a friend allergic to garlic and you'd be surprised how it seems to be in nearly everything.



answers from San Antonio on

I used to work in allergy/immunology. Anyone can be allergic to anything...despite age.



answers from San Antonio on

My good friend is allergic to potatoes. You have to very careful as potato starch is used everywhere, even in store bought shredded cheese. I'm allergic to onions, so I empathize with the random allergy thing. Also, no one believes me in restaurants or at dinner parties. Carry an epi-pen, have one at your child's school, and read those labels. good luck. maybe you can substitute (non-ripe) plantains instead of potatoes in some recipes.

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