Post Pregnancy Weight Loss--Looking for a Dance Class

Updated on December 28, 2015
B.D. asks from Overland Park, KS
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My daughter was born Feb. 9, and I still have 15-20 lbs to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I've never been athletic, and frankly, I hate to work out. I've never understood my friends who claim they get a "high" from running a few miles. If it isn't fun, I probably won't stick with it. I know my attitude toward working out is wimpy, but I have to be honest! I do love to dance though. I've considered trying Jazzercize (sp?) and would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this. I'd also love to find a ballet or jazz dance class for adults. I took ballet as an adult several years ago, and was amazed at how well conditioned I felt, and it was so much fun! Unfortunately, I'm in a different part of the city now (Overland Park), and I haven't been able to find an adult ballet class in my area. I've also considered taking ice skating lessons. Does anyone know of an adult dance class in the Overland Park area--ballet, jazz, or otherwise? I'd also appreciate any information about "mama/baby" exercise classes. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Boston on

Try mummy magic weight-loss tea. It will help you drop your extra pounds and skin just in few weeks. I have used this with losing 30 extra pounds.



answers from Kansas City on

I participate in a weekly Irish dance class that accepts people of all ages. Today is the 2nd class of this session, and we have a lot of beginners...I've been dancing off and on for about 5 years.

You can get the information by looking up UMKC's Communiversity...the class is $21 (unless they've raised the prices) for 8 weeks (once a week for an hour and a half). Irish dance (not clogging like's the soft-shoe stuff) is an amazing cardio workout.

I forgot to mention the class is actually in Westport, at the Westport Presbytarian church on Tuesdays from 7pm-8:30pm. It's not a bad drive at all from OP...I live there, too.



answers from Kansas City on

I participate in a class called Baby Boot Camp and I love it! You bring your baby(ies) and we work out with resistance bands and do cardio. It is more like working out and not so much "fun" but the fun part is being with the group and having your kids interact, etc. Mostly it helps keep me sane by seeing other mommies and we have a great time! We're getting ready to go outside for the spring and the kids love it, especially when they get to play at the park when we're through!

If you're interested check out the website


answers from Kansas City on

I LOVE Jazzercise! I grew up dancing - ballet, tap, tumbling, etc - and as a kid I thought it looked dorky, but it's so much fun! It doesn't get boring so it's easier to stick with than some activities. And everyone in the class is average so you don't feel insecure for being heavier/clumsier or whatever your flaws are. They have childcare, too, which is convenient.

If you can find a ballet class though, that is fantastic for strength, flexibility and overall well-being. You might also look for yoga and/or pilates classes. If you've never tried it, you'll be surprised at how much of a workout they can be. Non-aerobic, of course. Adult tap classes are usually fairly common and that's good exercise, too. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I LOVE jazzersice!!! I dont know where the one in OP is but the one in OLathe is off 135th and mur-lin. Its so much fun! I am just like you, dont like "working out" but I dont think of this as work its fun! Get online and see where there locations are. They also have a child room!



answers from Kansas City on

First off, congrats on all the new kiddos! Remember, it takes time for the weight to come off. You cannot expect to be back to your normal size 2 months after your baby is born. It just doesn't work that way even though I wish it did. It generally melts off a little faster with the first one, especially if you are breastfeeding but everyone looses the weight at different rates. With my first, people were amazed that I was back into regular clothes at 5 months. I don't necessarily believe that 9 months on, 9 months off thing but it is more then ok to still have weight to loose at this point. Dance classes are a great idea. I friend mentioned to me recently that she had been losing weight just by doing a dance video everyday that she had purchased at Walmart. Don't know the name of the video but it is sure cheaper then classes if you can motivate yourself to do it.



answers from Kansas City on

Hey B., just a plug for Jazzercise. I have been involved for 10 yrs., since my last child was a baby when I started. It is an excellent program with very balanced work-out that has stretching, aerobic, weight and floor routines. It is the only thing I have ever done this consistently and it is still just as fun as when I started. You get out of it what you put in to it but I bet the rest of that weight would come right off with a little help from your diet. There are centers all over the city and I believe most if not all have babysitting available at many classes. If money is tight you can even sign up to babysit for 1 class per week and get free jazzercise classes, at least at our center. That is how I started out and that is the best deal around! I am glad to answer any questions or you can go to Hope you give it a try! M. ###-###-####

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