Post Partum Migraines

Updated on November 15, 2011
L.G. asks from Glendora, CA
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My baby was born 11 days ago. The day after his birth I developed a migraine headache, and I still have it! Even prescription-strength ibuprofin does not ease the pain AT ALL. Any one else experience something similar?

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So What Happened?

I did not have an epidural. I only had Nubane in my IV.

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answers from Washington DC on

UPDATED - Yes, I forgot about the epidural thing. Call the doctor!


Call your OB nurse after hour line. I woudl be worried about your blood pressure being too high or something.

If it is truly just a headache, you might want your OB to see if your hormones are out of control.

If it is just a headache, and there is no underlying cause, then try Excedrin Migrane. Only thing that touches some of my headaches.

Please call your doctor. It is too soon after birth to mess around.

Congrats on your baby!!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Did you have an epidural? Sometimes that can cause a drop in the level of spinal fluid and cause migraines or severe headaches..especially when not lying down.
(sorry if someone already mentioned this, I didn't read the other responses yet)

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answers from Honolulu on

Used to work as a nurse and remember a lady who had almost identical situation - turns out it was caffeine withdrawal! Would try a cup of coffee first (especially if you are usually a coffee drinker and have been abstaining for the sake of the baby) and if that has no effect, would definitely give OB a call. Also, the nubane threw me for a loop, so can't say that's completely innocent either.
Incidentally, if it is caffeine related and you do want to stop for the baby, just try to wean down gradually - for both your sakes. If you were a big (or even moderate) coffee drinker while preggo, Munchkin will be accustomed to the caffeine too and will need a gradual step down to avoid discomfort as well.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm thinking it's hormones. My hormones have sometimes affected my migraines. Could also be lack of sleep, dehydration (you have to hydrate SO much when breastfeeding, my mom always said down a tall glass of water with every feeding).
Both times I was pregnant I had days and days of migraines, DURING the pregnancy, about 15 weeks or so. Just when I would think I couldn't take it anymore they would go away (at about 20 weeks). I attriubuted it to hormonal shifts my body was going through. I never noticed an increase after the birth, but the hormones are really wacky during that time.
If you can't take it, go to the doctor. I'm under the assumption that you are a person who suffers from migraines, in that case you know what works for you and what doesn't already. If not, this may not be a migraine and you might want to talk it over with your MD.



answers from Charlotte on

Added - Victoria's explanation is what I was talking about, and what you would need a blood patch for. Thanks, Vickie!

I agree with SM. Did you have an epidural? This could mean that you need a blood patch. Don't let this continue. Go get help!




answers from Cleveland on

Ditto the others...Epidural headache. I had one for 2 weeks. Call your Dr.!



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm not a medical professional, but I just heard of a similar experience from a friend and wanted to share. First, I think I read that most headaches are due to dehydration -- it's definitely true in my case, along with fatigue and hunger. If you're nursing, it can be especially hard to get and stay hydrated. I drink a ton of water as it is and still had to drink even more when I was pregnant/nursing. My friend called her doctor around 4 days postpartum complaining of a headache (and a crick in her neck). The doctor had her come in just to rule out menengitis. When they took her vitals, her blood pressure was through the roof. After several more tests, they determined she has postpartum eclampsia. She was totally fine during her pregnancy and had been monitored closely b/c she had high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, swelling etc. with her first pregnancy. She stayed in the hospital for 4 days and lost something like 30 lbs of water while there. I'm always in favor of calling the doctor with questions like these. Let them decide if it's anything that she be explored further. Best to you.


answers from Dover on

Did you have an epidural? If so, definately make sure you let your doctor know about the headache. I don't specifically remember but my husband told me they said that as we were signing the form for my epidural.

It could be from that.

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