Post Ectopic Pregnancy Removal Surgery

Updated on May 13, 2007
B.H. asks from Largo, FL
4 answers

I had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy two weeks ago. Two incisions were laproscopic, but I have a 4 inch incision where a C-section would take place. My post op instructions said no sex for six weeks, no lifting, no submerging in water, etc...however some of the instructions don't tell me timeframes. Can anyone tell me how long I should wait before swimming in chlorine or salt water, taking a bath, when can I lift my 30 lb two year old, vaccuum and other things of that nature? My large incision has healed nicely and is no longer open. Thanks in advance for any information!!!

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answers from Tampa on

Vickie....take it easy.
I am First sorry to hear you have went through this as i have too! but take 6-8 weeks before doing anything to over exert yourself or lifting should rest as much as possible and know that you CAN NOT go swimming until 6 weeks. you may think it is closed all the way but it really isn't so just know that waiting is better so you do not end back up in the hospital. I wish you the best and take care ~M.



answers from Tampa on

well, all that would end up having to wait until after the incision has healed.. and work slowly up. I ended up re-opening a little corner of my incision just picking up my 17 month old niece.. vacuming and stuff like that.. as long as your not picking up anything over 10 lbs for a bit should be ok.. give it a couple weeks then slowly increase the weight... bathing and swimming, as long as the incision is healed up and not open should be ok.. I hope this helps :)



answers from Pensacola on

First off i want to say how sorry i am for your loss

AS for the instructions, it is my understanding that 6-8 wks would apply to everything.




answers from Jacksonville on

Hello Vickie,

You should treat this as if you have just given birth. No sex for 6wks, no heavy lifting, house cleaning, or baths for at least two weeks. After my children my OB said 2wks was plenty so you should be good now. Also a good rule of thumb on the lifting is if it hurts dont do it. Other than that you should be good. Good luck.


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