Possibly Something up Her Nose??

Updated on April 15, 2008
C.D. asks from Louisville, KY
6 answers

Ok... this sounds crazy.. but i was fixing breakfast for my 18month old daughter and we have an open floor plan and i just put the baby gate up and she was playing in the living room. i could see her still but she has stuck stuff up her nose once before but i saw it and got it out.. but i am not sure if she has something stuck up her nose because she just keeps blowing it and trying to stick her finger up it? but she doesnt act like she is in pain or anything. uhh.. i dont know what to do. when you look in her nose you dont see a thing? any advice?

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answers from Lexington on

Hi Charlie, I'm with the other moms here....take her to the doc. My nephew stuck a piece of ham up his nose when he was a tot. His mom thought she got it because she could see the meat....but she missed some of it and when he had really bad drainage in the one nostril she took him to the doctor. But that was like a month later.....and the meat had molded in his nose......UUGGHH!!!
Better to be safe then sorry.....good luck



answers from Johnson City on

I would take her to the MD...It is better to be safe than sorry..I am a nurse and worked in a Peds office for 6 years..we seen this kind of thing all the time. If your child is known to put things up her nose than chances are she does have something up there..LOL...I would not recommend trying to remove it yourself...you could do more damage than good. Kids will be kids! :-)

Best of luck!


answers from Memphis on

I would take her to get checked out by a doctor. My cousin did that once with a bean & it got pushed into his sinus cavity, they had to operate to get it out. If he/she catches it early enough, you may be able to avoid that. At the very least you'd know if there truly was something up there. Kids...gotta love 'em.



answers from Nashville on

Hi C.,
I'm not a doctor so I'm not sure how you'd look up there to see anything, but I've noticed my 19 month old doing the same thing for the past month or so (picking his nose and trying to blow out of it), and he's never stuck anything up his nose before except his finger. You could try one of those bulb nose-suckers (my son HATES it, so usually all I have to do is threaten to and he leaves his nose alone), or perhaps she just has allergies, since it is the season. Best of luck!



answers from Nashville on

C.-- If you do think that it is a possibility that she put something up her nose take her to her dr. so he can check and if there is something there he can take it safely out. If you try to remove the item yourself it could be pushed further up the nasal passage and cause more problems.
Having said that, it is possible that her nose is just feeling dry and crusty. If you have a humidifier try using that and seeing if it helps. If you don't have a humidifier turn the shower on hot and hang out in the steamy bathroom for a few and that may do the trick.



answers from Huntington on

I'd take her to the doctor and have him check, just in case, since you know she's done it before (and I'm not one to run to the doctor at all.) My brother put a match in his ear when he was 2 or 3, and you couldn't see it at all. Mom only knew because he told her he did it.

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