Possibly Pregnant - Cedars? St. John? Ucla/reagan?

Updated on January 01, 2011
S.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi! I just had a positive result on an at-home test, and need to go to the Motion Picture heath fund clinic to confirm the result. If I am pregnant, I'll need to be referred to an OB/GYN and I don't know which hospital to choose. Cedars Sinai is by far the closest to me (Weho), but my husband had a procedure at St. Johns a few years ago, and they seemed like a very nice facility. I've also heard great things about UCLA Reagan. Any thoughts? Is the added distance from my home worth it?

Also seeking recs for an OBGYN who accepts Blue Cross Anthem. I have a doctor that i love love LOVE (affiliated w/Cedars), but the office visits are always very chaotic, involve tons of waiting, and are kind of stressful, so I am wondering if I should switch. Many thanks. I'm freaking out a little.

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So What Happened?

Thanks, everyone, for your advice. When I went to the clinic to have the results confirmed, they gave me a rec for Dr. Walden at Cedars, as my primary care physician was not personally familiar with any of the doctors at UCLA. Based on Elizabeth's comments, it sounds like she'll be great, so I'll definitely give her and Cedars a shot.

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I would highly, strongly, unequivocally recommend the midwives at UCLA. I think you will be in good hands there, very well cared for, and be satisfied with how your care goes. I've had six babies with 4 different OB's in 5 different hospitals and soooo wish I could've had midwifery care at UCLA.



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Cedars was FAR from me and I was literally across the street from Good Samaritan but b/c of the great reputation I chose to go with Cedars much to my husband's dismay. He complained EVERY trip to the doctor b/c he couldn't believe I was willing to sit through traffic and all that when we had a perfectly good hospital across the street but to me it was worth it for peace of mind. He also pointed out how if I were to go into labor during rush hour, I might have to deliver in the car. LOL. But I ended up being induced in the middle of the night, so that didn't happen. Go with Cedars! I had Dr. Betty Lee in Beverly Hills. Very good doctor.


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About the doctor that you love love LOVE . . . .
ask his office manager if the chaos is partly because
doctor spends a LOT of time with each patient and may be overbooked,
i.e., more patients booked than can be accommodated by the schedule.
If so, consider asking for the first appointment of the morning from now on.

Although if your doctor has rounds at the hospital,
then he probably doesn't get into the office
until later than first appointment of the day.

And, ask your doctor that you love love LOVE
who he or she recommends re OB/gyn?
And why.

Perhaps talk to your doctor about what you would __like__
of your OB/gyn -- takes time to listen, etc.

Being close to your hospital is a good thing,
especially with LA traffic.

The other hospitals you mentioned also have excellent reputations.
However, I believe Cedars-Sinai (hospital to the stars, hee hee)
has one of the best reputations in the country.

Good luck.
Remember to breathe and relax . . . when you can.



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Get a few recommendations on OB's from friends/coworkers/primary care docs etc. Then call a few offices and see if you can interview the doc. A lot of reputable docs will grant free interviews prior to taking you on as a patient because they have a vested interest as well as you do in making sure the relationship is a good fit. The hospitals also do tours, I'm sure you can arrange one through their website. When in doubt, stay close to home. You never know when you might need to go, and you know how LA traffic can be...
Good luck on your pregnancy!



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I also had motion picture coverage. I delivered at Cedars. My OBGYN is Ayanna Walden at the Heldfond Medical Group. Her offices are in the Cedars Complex. I LOVE her. I love the practice. She is thorough, compassionate, has the best bedside manner I've ever seen. She is smart, thorough, calming. She also did her residency at Cedars so everyone knows and loves her there.I delivered on the busiest delivery day of the year it was the day before a Friday the 13th and two days before Valentine's day so everyone was showing up hoping to avoid those two days. Despite the place being packed, the nursing staff was incredible. You feel like everyone is on top of their game. The systems they have in place insure that everyone is on board and everyone attending to you is on the same page. We wanted to go home a day early and this wasn't a problem. From visiting other friends after delivery, the recovery rooms can be a bit small, depending upon luck of the draw. But everyone has a private bathroom and view of some kind. The labor rooms are incredible (I had a c-section so I only saw those on the tour). Definitely tour the hospital and see who will take your insurance. THAT will be more important than anything. The only thing I can say that's negative about cedars is the parking, but really, if that's the worst I can say, that's pretty good (and you can always park in the Beverly Center).

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