Possible Yeast Infection in Baby

Updated on November 06, 2013
K.H. asks from Tempe, AZ
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My 4 month old son has had a wicked rash on his bum for a few days now. We've put him in disposables (he's normally in cloth) just to dry him out a bit and we've been using Dr. Smith's diaper ointment which usually clears if up within a day or so. However nothing has really worked and his teacher at daycare suggested it might be a yeast infection. After thinking about it, it makes sense as he's been on antibiotics the past 10 days. When I looked it up online, webmd suggested to put some topical antifungal cream on his bottom before calling the doctor. So my question is this... If we put the cream on for a few days and it doesn't clear up and then we go to the dr only to find out it wasn't a yeast infection, will it have hurt him to put the cream on?

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter had a horrible rash and after trying many different things we got lotrimin. She did go to the doctor though and they are the ones that told us about it.

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answers from Washington DC on

No you won't hurt him. If it's really red and inflamed you can also use hydrocortisone cream. You should also think about a probiotic to help restore his gut micro-organisms. Our ped. Recommended florastor.

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answers from Norfolk on

It won't hurt to try it.
Monistat or Lotrimin are fine to try.
You can also try putting 1 cup of plain yogurt into his bath water.
It's very soothing to the skin and will help fight the yeast.

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answers from Washington DC on

When our little guy had a yeast infection at about the same age also due to antibiotics, our ped suggested Monistat cream, which is OTC for women's vaginal yeast infections. Cleared it right up and we even used the CVS brand. Maybe run to the store and pick some up before bed and slather it on overnight?

ETA ... I also recommend probiotics. I buy the Culturelle capsules, open them up and split one capsule between 2-3 bottles. Also ped approved ....

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answers from Atlanta on

Use tea tree oil on his bum. You can mix it with a carrier oil like lanolin or olive. High grade tea tree oil kills yeast and is perfectly safe. If it is a yeast infection you need to do more than a topical treatment. If it shows on his bum, then his little body is eaten up with it and I'm sure the antibiotics have caused it or exacerbated it. He needs to be on a probiotic as well. This also is safe. If you don't have one in the house,go to a health store that carries pharmaceutical grade supplements. For example, Vitamin shoppe is good. Vitamin World is not.

God bless,

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answers from Hartford on

You need to get an accurate diagnosis for a yeast infection rather than simply guessing because it might not be yeast.

If it is, then the doctor will likely suggest Lotriman cream and Balmex layered with the Lotriman first, then the Balmex. You would bathe him in clean, clear water without soap or wash, and let him air dry. Let his skin be in the air as much as possible. If you want you could also mix in Phillip's Milk of Magnesia plain into the paste you put on his butt. It helps reduce the acidity.

But it's really, really important to get the diagnosis.



answers from New York on

Lotromin great but will take a couple of days to clear if it is yeast.



answers from Dallas on

It won't hurt him but if it isn't a yeast infection, it won't make him feel better either. I would definitely call the DR office tomorrow to see what you can do for him. At 4 months, they might be able to give some pain med like tylenol or advil. I remember using a desitin bath with my DD at that age, then letting her air dry on a large blanket for awhile. In addition, I found I had to change up the ointments a little. I normally used the Butt Paste, but anytime a serious rash appeared she needed the destin to knock it out and give some pain relief. Good luck!

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