Possible Sleep Walking

Updated on October 18, 2011
J.E. asks from Marlborough, MA
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My almost 9 year old daughter has had a history of sleep walking or talking, nothing extreme in the sense that it happens every night but it was happening like once or twice a year. Her "episodes" would consist of her uncontrollably laughing while pacing back and forth, or just up talking. Well last week and this week it happened but she was walking down the stairs, seemed completely awake but was talking about crazy things such as asking me to help her with her "candy corn"...I thought she was awake so I was like "your what, candy corn!?!" And she answered w/ "yeah my candy corn" and was somewhat jittery and antsy about it...so I did what we've read to do or suggestions on what to do so I directed her back to bed, tucked her in, and that was it. The next morning we had a good laugh about it but she had to be told about it, she didn't remember it. So last night it happened again, she had come down once saying she was having trouble going to sleep, she didn't realize that she had been asleep and her younger brothers crying must have woken her up, so I tuck her back in and hoped that she would fall back asleep...about a half hour later, she comes down, clearly shaken up and antsy again w/ tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was "sad" I asked "sad about what?" and she answered "numbers."...so again I am like "numbers, what kind of numbers or what about the makes you sad!?!" and she says "you know, plus and minus', 10, just numbers"...so I tell her that numbers are nothing to be sad about and I direct her back to her bed and tuck her in... has anyone else had these kinds of experiences? We recently moved (almost 3 weeks ago) and she LOVES her room, doesn't seem afraid or anything like that but I am so puzzled as to what is going on. Last nights episode she did remember this morning but she clearly isn't "acting"...the looks on her face and her reactions are definitely the real deal... I am so at a loss w/ this!!!

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answers from Richmond on

LOL!! I'm sorry, but some of the things kids do when they're sleepwalking are just funny ;) My middle child is 6, and she sleep walks. One time we heard bumping around in her room and she was mumbling and trying to climb the t.v. I asked her what she was doing and she said 'I put my finger in the music box'... WHAT?! LOL!!

Poor baby though, being upset, those are the tough nights. You have to remember though, that they really don't remember this stuff. Did she have night terrors as a toddler? My daughter did, which turned into the sleepwalking and talking. I compare the 'emotional' nights to those sleep terror nights... because the nights when she's sad and sleepwalking are no where NEAR as awful as night terrors!! It just puts it in perspective for me, so *I* don't get upset about it.

She's probably still getting used to the new place, subconsciously. I'd mention it to her pediatrician if this persists. Hope it gets better!! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Look at the bright side, when she's a teenager she'll never be able to sneak out or lie and get away with it! My husband talks in his sleep, will carry on whole conversations with you, although they're strange, and not remember a thing in the morning.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Yes, my 7 year old son has done this exact same thing!!! He will be up, walking, talking and making absolutely no sense whatsoever. I will walk him back to bed and talk to him a minute or two bc it is amusing to me what comes out of his mouth. But the last time he did this he was so upset about something that was complete nonsense. Poor guy. The next day he did not remember a thing.


answers from Detroit on

My daughter does this stuff too.

The ONLY time mine does this is if she's overtired when she goes to bed. My ex [my dd's father] always did this or as an adult had night terrors because he was over tired when he'd climb into bed.

Their issues were that they'd fight sleep because they were afraid they'd miss something.

Maybe your daughter is excited about the new room and she's actually making herself overtired from learning her new environment.

My daughter is 8.

My favorite was when mine brought her entire top sheet down the stairs, tucked under one arm [and I do the 'hospital corners' on her bed], opened the fridge, stood there, and when I asked her what she was looking for, she mumbled something and turned around walked to the diningroom table, sat down, and started to have a random conversation with me. I, like you just walked her upstairs and I held the sheet so she wouldn't trip on it.

Another time, mine thought she was in the bathroom, but was actually in the hallway next to our bedroom [no where near the bathroom] and was about to pee when my husband [her stepdad] told her calmly that she wasn't in the bathroom. Walked her into the bathroom, let her do her business, and walked her back up to bed.

*ETA*- I agree with sleep walking not being nearly as crazy as night terrors. Adult night terrors are scary for the ones NOT having them!!!!!

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