Possible Sinus Infection During Pregnancy

Updated on December 06, 2009
C.D. asks from Chatham, IL
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Hi everyone, I'm hoping we have a nurse or doctor lurking around here. My OB's office is closed on the weekends and only takes emergencies on weekend calls. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and what has started out as a nasty cold may have developed into a sinus infection. The pain and pressure in my face is getting worse every day and becoming unbearable. Does anyone know what OTC medications other than sudefed and tylenol will help with this that I can take? I know that sinus infections are typically treated with antibiotics but there isn't much I can do about that until my appt on Thursday, I'm just looking for something to alleviate the pain/pressure in the meantime.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I decided to wait until Thursday to see my dr. Sunday I ended up with a nasty fever for a few hours which somehow managed to help. Once I got over that the pain in my face started decreasing. I'm still pretty sick but able to at least function now. I might have to try that netti pot. Thanks again!

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I realize this is a little late and that you've probably already treated the infection...but when I was pregnant, my doctor told me I could use Robitussin. He advised me to get the plain old, regular Robitussin. Hope this helps.

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After 4 pregnancies, I can tell you that it is perfectly acceptable to call you doctor....even on the weekends. It is not right for you to suffer until Thurs. He should be able to prescribe a prescription right over the phone to give you some relief.
Call your doctor....don't suffer!! ;-)


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Have you tried a netti pot? I had a sinus infection when I was pregnant and it helped with the pain and pressure until I got meds. If you've never used one before it can seem weird, but it really does help.



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Have you heard of Nasopure? Its a saline lavage. I think that is the safest and possible the most effective thing you can do. If Nasopure is not available, you can just get a nasal bulb and homemade saline solution. You can find them on the net. Its real easy. not the most pleasant thing, but helps clear things out and decrease the swelling in the mucus membranes.



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Make sure you are keeping up with your prenatal vitamins:) Then I use a Neti pot, humidifier, and you can also try just a saline nasal spray to loosen things up. I got one sinus infection during pregnancy, and this is what helped me.



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My dr. told me that anything such as Tylenol Cold/Sinus and so forth was fine but if it's an infection then they might call you in something...mine always did or maybe at your next appointment they would check you out...I guess if you could tolerate it until then but I would try something in the Tylenol family and then call your dr about getting you something. I got those a lot during my second pregnancy...it's not as if you can't breathe anyway on top of an infection right. :-) Good luck.



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Hey Catherine-
I'm not a nurse, but I am a sonographer at one of the local OB offices (SOGA). Unfortunately there is not much that they will let you take over the counter, I'm not even sure if our docs let patients take sudafed. If you do have a sinus infection (and it sounds like you probably do) the only thing that will help you is antibiotics. I had one a few weeks ago and felt miserable for about 3 weeks. I ended up going to prompt care and they gave me amoxicillan. It worked, but it took a few days before I started to feel better. I also bought one of those steam vaporizors by vicks. They are $10 at walmart and I put in the kaz vapor and that did help me while I was sleeping. I think you could probably do that, but check with the pharmacist at walmart and get their opinion first. They may also have other suggestions for you. It would probably be a good idea for you to go to prompt care over the weekend though and get started on antibiotics. Don't forget you can get them filled for free at Meijer. Hope you feel better soon!



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Very Normal . .with both of my pregnancies, I had a sinus infection during the entire and half of both. They cant give you decongestants because of pregnancy so they will probably give you an antihistamine like Claritin or something like that. I know it is safe to use a nasal spray. My OB told me to see my Ear Nose and Throat doc (they already knew each other) so they both knew what to give and not to give. Good luck



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I had cronic sinus infections while I was pregnant, because I was not allowed to take my prescription allergy meds. I was told to use the saline spray to break things up and use affrin nasal spray before bed to help open the nasal passages so I could sleep. Don't use the affrin more than three times during one infection. It becomes less effective the more you use it. My OB would also prescribe a z-pac antibiotic. The nurses recomended that I use a saline rinse / lavage to prevent future infections. By the time I got my third sinus infection all I had to do was call the office and talk to the nurses. They would talk to the OB and call me back to ask where to call in the z-pac order. I would call you OB or your
regular doctor if you can't get in with that office.

J. N.



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There are many studies supporting nasal irrigation is the first line for any nasal symptoms during pregnancy. Approximately 30% of woman develop 'pregnancy rhinitis', chronic congestion due to increase blood flow. this can be a great set up for the development of sinus infections. Nasopure Nasal Wash can be used daily to reduce swelling, reduce excessive mucus and most important is safe for any nose.



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I had 2 sinus infections while I was pregnant. One of the best things you can do for the pain in your face is a heat pack. I would get the hand warmers they sell for hunters (Wal-Mart has them) and wrap one in a bandanna and hold it on my face. I hope this helps.



answers from Enid on

Might I suggest a Neti Pot? They are terrific at soothing sinus infections (or sinus' in general). If you have a small tea pot with a small opening (preferrably one you don't use anymore) that would work as well. I fill mine with warm water, add sea or kosher salt, and a couple drops of tea tree oil (optional) then, while leaning over a sink, tilt my head to the side and pour through the upper nostril so that it flows out the lower nostril.

I know, sounds gross but once you get the hang of it, it's great. And even better, it's safe! You can get a Neti pot at any health food or herb shop. Some pharmacies carry them as well.

I use mine to help prevent sinus infection since I am prone to them and haven't had one in a long time. The Neti pot is supposed to be used twice a day but I only do mine couple times a week unless I need it more (like on dry, windy days when there is lots of dust blowing around).

There is a lot of information online. Just do a search for "Neti pot" (also called a Jalneti Pot).



answers from Oklahoma City on

Sounds like you've already have a bunch of good suggestions. The only other thing I would add is something I learned in a Pre-Labor class. If the pressure in your head/sinuses is really bad ask you husband or a friend to place one hand on your forhead, then place the other resting at the base of the skull, just where it curves down to the neck. Then have them slightly lift and push with the lower hand. It sounds crazy, but it felt really good when I was stuffy and pregnant. I found it was most affective when I sat with my arms wrapped around the back of a chair and sort of hanging my head over.

Whatever you do, I hope you find some relief. Good Luck!

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