Possible Scar on Nose...Can Anything Be Done?

Updated on January 08, 2009
F.F. asks from Gurnee, IL
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Hi There,

My 20 month old son got bit by our family shih-tzu about 3 wks ago on his nose (the dog wasn't too thrilled to have my son in his face). What started out as 3 scratches (one really bad one) has healed very well with the help of neosporin. All that is left is a pimple size pink bump from the really bad scratch. The pediatrician has seen him twice (for an unrelated issue) & didn't seem too concerned since it was healing so nicely. However, I'm afraid he may have a bit of a scar. Anyone have any suggestions in trying to prevent one? Thanks!

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My 25 mo. old son was bit by our dog this past summer. It was a little more serious than what you describe. He had two puncture wounds on his face from the dog's canines about 1/3 in. in lenth, one below his right eye and the other beside his mouth.
He should've received stiches, but the plastic surgeon advised against it because animal bites are more prone the infection if stitched.
I was terribly worried that the scars would be awful. So far, they seem to be healing nicely. The redness is fading away faster, now that's it's winter and there's less exposure to sun.
The doctor explained that if I'm not happy with the way it heals, he can do revision surgery at 4 or 5 years old.
But honestly, now that it's been some time, I don't think it's necessary...just like the doctor predicted I'd feel.

Just keep the scar protected from sun, even in winter, by applying a little sunscreen. Keep it moisturized by massaging in vitamin E oil or some equivalent, and the scar should lessen.

Don't worry. It will be unnoticable with time.

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Please don't forget that he is still growing and developing quite rapidly. What looks like a bad scar now could possibly be unrecognizeable in a few years. Our son had to have 3 stitches near his eyebrow when he was 17 months old. It looked horrible at the time, but now 6 months later we can barely see the scar. You may wish to give it some time before you make a decision.



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As your son sheds skim and grows new layers of skin the scar will look less and less. Keep the area moisturized with a product with aloe in it or even one with nature lanolin.

I know you have to worry about it because if you child will be attending public school looks is everything. But he is just a baby and I would not really worry about it at this point.


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I completely understand the whole scar issue. From personal experience I know youre doing the right thing with the neosporn. When I was 6yrs old I had a bad accident witch resulted in more than half of the left side of my face missing skin. My mom used neopsporn everyday to help it heal. It not only did that but I have virtually NO SCARS. You cant even tell. All in allI think he'll be okay ;)



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vitamin E oil. I got a horrible gash on my forehead quite a few years ago, from cat play gone bad, and I put vitamin e oil on it and it healed up really nicely really isn't noticeable anymore at all.



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Hi... Dr. Jay Dutton is an amazing ent doctor and facial plastic surgeon. He does a lot of work with kids and would be worth giving his office a call for a consult. I don't have the number with me, but he is out of oak brook, tinley and chicago. Try a google search. He's amazing.

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