Possible BV Is There a Natural Way to Cure It ??

Updated on May 01, 2007
A.C. asks from Buffalo, NY
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Well I was very sick for about a week and they put me on two sets of antibiotics ( amoxocilin and biaxin and I think this may have caused a imbalance in the bacteria and in turn caused a bacterial infection. I have a DR appointment but not until next monday. Does any one out there know of a natural cure?? I am really not wanting to take more antibiotics because of corse it is likely to cause a yeast infection which I don't want that either!!!

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So What Happened?

Well I called the DR and they gave me another antibiotic called flagyl. This is supposed to clear it up. They said that BV is NOT a sexually transmitted disease, It is the most common infection among woman of child baring age. It is caused by a imbalance in the normal bacteria . It is very simular to a yeast infection. But is is a over growth of bacteria rather than yeast. This is also a infection that can be passed back and forth between you and your partner. Thank all of you for your help, I am just hoping that I don't get a yeast infection from more antibiotics!!! This is no fun. Well I went to see the dr and they gave me a different antibiotic and said they think I have infection in my falopian tubes that is why I have had such abdominal pain. I asked how I got and he said it is very common and he sees it all the time. He said I have nothing to worry about.

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Hi A.,
There are a few natural ways, but you have to find what works best for you and your body. I would try Colloidal Silver. It helps with infections, bacteria, and is all NATURAL .. I would first talk with a natural health provider to make sure you are getting the right one and the right amount.



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You are probably having too much intercourse where his semen inside of you will change the PH of your body and contribute BV. You need to stop having him ejaculate inside of you very often, some women are more sensative to this than others. Also shaving some pubic hair and keeping the area clean and dry will keep this from happening again. Hygene is the best prevention for this from happening again once you get this infection cleared up.



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drink lots of water....i would also try plain yogurt & no sugar cranberry juice. stay away from alcohol, sweets, & bad carbs for a couple days-this off the top of my head. i've heard antibiot. can cause what u r talking about- or* just go to your dr's as a walk in-they should take u. :)



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Plain yogurt always works for me. Some folks swear by tea tree oil but that BURNS. :-O

ETA: Forgot to add that the yogurt is directly applied, not consumed. Messy but it works! If you do a search for "bacterial vaginosis" you will see dozens of sites that advocate this. It may not work for everyone but I think it works for lots of folks.




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Hi A., My name is K. P.I'm 34 year old mom of 2 girls and also a nurse for 10 years.BV is a sexual transmitted disease what i think you have is a yeast infection due to the 2 antibiotics you where on. You can get an over the counter treatment or alot of times your MD will call in a script for diflucan for you this a pill you take just once and works well. Any questions just let me know. Have a great day.

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