Possible Allergy to Eggs

Updated on September 22, 2007
P. asks from Spartanburg, SC
5 answers

I'm trying to figure out if my 14 month old is allergic to eggs or if something else is going on.
Last month I served up cheesy scrambled eggs (1 egg) for breakfast and within half an hour, I was wearing the eggs as they came shooting out of her mouth. This weekend I made french toast (heavily soaked in eggs) and in a half hour, again the eggs came back out.
She had scrambled egg yolks and french toast before 1 year with no problems. She eats foods at home and at daycare prepared with eggs (waffles, pancakes, cupcakes, etc) with no problems.
So, what I'm asking is, has anyone else had this happen? Could it be an egg white allergy? Is it just the sheer volume of egg? Any ideas fo me?

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answers from Killeen on

Hi P.,

Is it possible that you are using a different kind of margarine or butter to fix the eggs? That would be one thought. Also, it is VERY possible for someone to develop an allergy later in their life. I am 37 and have eaten eggs all my life. However, about six years ago I was tested and found that I am allergic to egg whites. I suggest that you have your daughter tested. It isn't cheap, but if you have insurance, and your doctor thinks she is old enough, test her. She could start an allergy shot regiment now and by the time she is five years old be allergy free.

I hope she gets better soon!

T. Ashe



answers from Charleston on

It's not the whites that your sweetie is allergic to. It could be the extra protein in the yolk. Get egg beaters (egg substitute) and see if she has the same reaction.



answers from Myrtle Beach on

I could say with almost 100% certainty that the allergy is not your problem. I say this because with food allergies, the first time they are eaten the symptoms are usually, redness around the mouth, itchiness in tongue and throat and maybe mouth. Swelling of tongue and throat also. If she were truly allergic, her symptoms would be a lot more severe on the second introduction and you would have most likely made a trip to the emergency room. This is not really saying she doesnt have an allergy to eggs, but it is not the kind where it would be life threating. I would still take her to the doctor and not feed her anymore eggs till your sure, but I bet it isn't a food allergy to them.



answers from Augusta on

Maybe she has had her fill of eggs and can't stomach any more. I had eggs all my life and for some reason I can't eat them either.



answers from Augusta on

I agree that you should just go ahead and take her to the doctor to rule out any allergy.But coudl it also be that maybe she's tired of eating eggs?I agree with the other mother about using egg beaters or just lay off the egss for a few weeks and then give her one and see if it's still the sae reaction.Usually when their allergic and causes some other symptoms other than vomiting.My husband is not technically allergic to mayonase but he will fight you to the death to not eat it and to prove he is allergic.He just really hates mayo and the taste and or smell does something to his stomache and he vomits if he orders something from somewhere and it ends up with mayo on it.When I was pregnant with my first I couldnt even smell eggs without rushing to the bathroom.Maybe her stomache is just sensitive to the egg sometimes.

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