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Updated on April 03, 2011
M.T. asks from Bedford, TX
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hello! My son is 1 month old, and is always fussy!! I noticed abouth two weeks ago that he would cry on the bottle and his eyes would get reaaly big. He will arch his back andscream. He cries all the time, unless we are holding him and patting his back. We burp frequently, and use the gas drops and feed him enfamil gentalease for gas and fussiness. He gets the hiccups about 4-5 times a day. I was wondering if he might have acid reflux. He will wake from his naps with a high pitched scream. He is gaining weight, and does not spit up that much, but i feel like he is pain from something. Also, he seems to pass gas alot!!! any advice would be great!

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answers from Dallas on

It could be reflux due to a milk allergy. We thought my son just had reflux until we realized his reflux medicine wasn't working. My son was gaining weight too, but he would projectile and wouldn't sleep for more than 1 - 1 1/2 @ time until we cut milk from my diet (I was exclusively breastfeeding). After that, completely new baby. Hope this helps.

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answers from Columbus on

I would definitely have the pediatrician check him for it (actually, Dr. may give you a prescription for an anti-acid med.) I would say most of the infants with acid reflux have some spit-up, but a mom I know, had a daughter who was colicky. There was no spit-up, so the doctor never really thought of reflux. It turns out, the acid/stomach contents never made it all the way up the esophagus, and it just went half-way and back down. Still burning and irritating, but never coming out. When we thought my oldest had reflux, the doctor gave us an RX, just to try- before we went for tests. I'm glad I spared him the upper GI, because it turns out he was just a very spitty baby.
I wish you luck!

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answers from Grand Forks on

I am going through the same thing. It definitely sounds like acid reflux, and like the person said below, the milk can just come up and not out, and they swallow it again. I give mine drops as well and she has hiccups all the time too, has tons of gas, and wakes up crying. And yes, i am holding my daughter alot too. She has gotten somewhat better on medication (like Zantac), but not that much. All I have done is raised her bed, stopped eating any gassy foods or dairy (just in case), and keep her up for 30 minutes after a feeding. Just keep searching for advice and help and you'll know when its "right".

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answers from Dallas on

I agree that it sounds like acid reflux...my 6 month old has it and is currently taking zantac. My son also has milk sensitivity too which can cause lots of gas too. Be sure and talk to the doctor. As soon as we started treatment and got the dose correct, he started sleeping much, much better and was able to sleep flat in the crib. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I would definately go to the doctor. Our dd's symptom of acid reflux was blood in her spit up, so I'm not sure if your's symptoms are that or not, but I would definately want to get it checked out.



answers from Pittsfield on

Yes, reflux would be my best guess. I had 3 with it. The 3rd didn't spit up much either. The acid came up, but not all the way out (silent reflux). I would spend what felt like forever trying to get a burp out of them- then when they finally did burp, instead of feeling better, they were still miserable. They also seemed to develop it when they were around 10- 12 days old.

Prescription acid meds helped a lot! Talk to your pediatrician.

The other things that helped- sleeping in the swing or bouncy seat, not laying flat. Also, I used to warm up a towel in the dryer and put it over their bellies. It was pretty good at soothing them. You could even drape the warm towel over your shoulder and hold the baby upright, with his tummy against it.

Very best wishes! :)



answers from Dallas on

If its reflux I suggest that you add a little sea salt to his bottles, or you can take it and he will get it in the breast milk if you nurse. It sounds crazy, but my daughter suffered from acid reflux beginning at 2 weeks...I took her to Dr. Chalmers in Frisco, TX and this was his solution. It worked within 24 hours. She has not had additional issues since. The sea salt you use makes a difference...I use the salt I got at Dr. Chalmers...Premier Pink Salt. I've found it online, too.



answers from Indianapolis on

My son had it for his first year. Getting him to sleep was a nightmare. I would be in the dark room for an hour or more every night. Prescription meds helped out and I would highly recommend them. Mine did the arching of the back. His was only at night though.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, I think is Acid Reflux. My daughter suffered from that and I didn't discovered it until she was 3 mo. old :-( The symptom that made me realized it was Acid Reflux it was because she was curving and crying. I remember I used to go to sleep around 2 am because she wouldn't stop crying. The Pediatrician prescribed Prevacid for her and it worked miracles. Had to use it until she was 1 yr old. Because I was breastfeeding I changed my diet but still she was curving and crying. She never throw up! But definitely was Acid Reflux but it was the Silent Acid Relux. To help out with the situation I bought this memory foam pillow and elevate her during the night. Also, It helped with her head because it was little uneven. God Bless!



answers from Dallas on

craniosacral therapy. Be careful with vaccines


answers from Dallas on

Look into switching his formula or if you breastfeed, eliminate gas-producing foods from your diet if you can. Both my boys cried a lot and just seemed to be in discomfort during the first two months of life. At the time, I was using that formula they send me home from the hospital with, I think it was called Similac Early Shield. I ended up switching to Similac Sensitive with both boys and the gassy/fussy problem was solved. Your child may have a sensitivity to lactose. Also, stay away from those soy-based formulas! Those will make the gas problem worse! Of course, check with your pediatrician before doing anything to see what they recommend.



answers from Dallas on

Does he seem to have "wet burps"? It could be that he is re-swallowing his spit-up. All 3 of mine had acid reflux and suffered from the same symptoms. Prevacid works wonders. Don't waste much time with Zantac if it's not working. Most doctors prescribe that first, but Prevacid works so much better. Take him to his Pediatrician asap - the medicine can give them instant relief, and you definitely don't want your sweet baby to suffer. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Believe your instincts!! Same things - arching his back, gassy, hiccups, burpy, and he spitup all the time even hours after being fed. Best thing for acid reflux is to keep him upright as much as possible - while eating, sleeping, playing. My second baby was a reflux baby and spent a lot of his life either in the sling, car seat, and swing. I also had to lay him tummy down cause he spit up sooo much (we co-slept mostly), once we were napping when he was about 6 weeks old and he was sleeping on my chest and spit up so much that i had to change him, me, my pillow and the bed! He eventually outgrew it after 6 months when he could sit upright on his own.

Ditto then suggestion to talk to the pediatrician about it. My little guy gained weight, but not as much as he "should" have - barely a couple ounces verses a half pound over a month's time. And while we opted not do medicate right away (I was a SAHM and breastfeeding so could make some physical changes to help mine and medication was only suggested if he was loosing weight) , you might want to consider it if only to keep your son from hurting.



answers from Cumberland on

He's just being a handful! He has a high level of need-sign of a brilliant baby! Kiss his little head for me!

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