Positive Test Buh Light Pink Blessing and Period Next Day Help ??

Updated on May 09, 2018
B.S. asks from Clearwater, FL
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I am 19 and just recently found out I was pregnant please do not judge. I took a pregnancy test may 6th because I normally get my period may 5th. The test came up positive about 5 minuets after taking it. That night before I went to bed when I wiped I noticed a light pink color on the toilet paper. I didn’t think anything of it and thought it was normal this morning when I woke up I was having mild cramps. When I went the the bathroom there was blood not as much blood as a period though. I am very scared and nervous now because I researched it and in some cases it meant miscarriage. Any advice or tips would be very helpful. What do you think this is

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answers from Dallas on

We are not Dr.'s. You need to see a Dr. Please go and let the DOCTOR diagnose you, NOT Dr. Google

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answers from San Francisco on

Go to the doctor, or get a free test at Planned Parenthood. No one will judge you for having a baby if you have a job, a home of your own and can pay for childcare.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia.

1. Stop having unprotected sex if you are NOT ready for kids.
2. It's possible you waited too long to see the results. And you received a false positive.
3. You need to see an OB/GYN in order to find out IF you WERE pregnant.
4. STOP being scared and nervous over something you have NO CLUE about. If you were scared? STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX!!! If you were nervous because it meant "miscarriage"? You MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN PREGNANT.

My advice:
Go to the doctor. Get a blood test done.
Find out what birth control works for you.
Stop having unprotected sex until you're ready to have kids.
You're 19. You're young. You have your whole life ahead of you.

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answers from Houston on

Go to the doctor. He/she is the only one who can confirm a pregnancy.

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answers from Washington DC on

i think it's a big fat glaring sign that you should go to your doctor or Planned Parenthood and get an actual medical opinion, don't you?

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answers from Norfolk on

Anytime you get a positive on a pregnancy test you should see your doctor.
Many things can affect your period besides pregnancy.
Being only 1 day late is not unusual.
None of us can tell if you are now having your period or are having some implantation bleeding or if you are having a very early miscarriage.
A doctor can do a blood test and will be able to tell you if you a pregnant or not.
A Planned Parenthood or your local health department might do a blood test for low or no cost.

This might be a wake up call for you.
I tell my son he'd better not get anyone pregnant before he has a way to support his family.
For him that means finishing college and having a job.
If you and your partner are not prepared for the possible consequences of your decision to be sexually active then maybe you shouldn't be sexually active.
It's not judgement - it's good advice - though not everyone is prepared to take it.

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answers from Buffalo on

I had many miscarriages before getting pregnant with my dd.
I did have many pregnancy tests come positive...and miscarried shortly after that
Usually if the blood is bright red, that can be an indication fo a miscarriage. Spotting (darker color) usually means that the pregnancy is implanting and it causes a little bleeding, but if the blood is older, it is more brownish because it is coming out slowly. My best advice is to do another test or get an actual blood test through a clinic. They can measure if it is going up or down. If hcg goes down, it is miscarrying.

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answers from Portland on

My advice would be to go and get checked out, have a new pregnancy test done.

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answers from Boston on

As B says below, there can be many things at play here.

Pregnancy tests (especially early urine tests) are not always accurate.
Periods are sometimes late, and sometimes have a different amount of bleeding and cramping, especially if ovulation did not occur.
There can be bleeding during pregnancy, especially early on. Sometimes it means a miscarriage is happening or threatened, and sometimes it means nothing.
Something entirely different and unrelated to pregancy.

You can research on the internet but that usually scares people. The most accurate things you can do are a) wait and take another urine test in a week, or b) get a blood test (at your doctor's office, a walk-in clinic or a reliable Planned Parenthood or similar clinic but please do not go to just anything with a "pregnancy" sign out front, as many of them have a political mission and no medical staff.

Meantime, you have to act both as if you are pregnant (no drinking, no harmful foods, no drugs) and as if you are not pregnant (use a barrier method of contraception - either a diaphragm if you have one from your doctor or condoms/spermicide available at any pharmacy.

No one is judging you. You're an adult and you can be as sexually active as you like. Pregnancy sometimes happens. What's important is what you do about it (taking medical precautions no matter what your choice is), what support you seek from reliable sources (medical and emotional), and how you learn for the future.

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answers from Reading on

I had almost a complete period after getting pregnant with my second. I was quite sure it was a miscarriage. Nope, he's going on 14 years old now...

Please see a doctor. And if you're too young to know you should be seeing a doctor about this, please stop having sex.

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