Positive Pregnancy Tests and Then Negitive Tests??????

Updated on March 11, 2011
D.C. asks from Jasper, AL
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My sisterinlaw has been feeling odd lately so she took a pregnancy test(two of them) they were positive. This was Monday. Yesterday she started what seems to be her period, and at the doc today they gave her two more pregnancy tests and they were both negitive. Her period is normal no cramping and not heavy. The doc sent off blood work and told her to keep acting as if she is pregnant until the blood work comes back. Her and my brother are terrified, they were really looking forward to this pregnancy. Has this happend to anybody or any one you know. Id really like to have something to say to them that might help.

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answers from Memphis on

There is no such thing as a false positive pregnancy test. It is possible to have a period while pregnant, though rare. it is possible that she was in the beginning stages of pregnancy and lost it.Or it could be that her pregnancy hormone just wasn't strong enough to be found on the second round of testing.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I had a similar situation last August. We were trying to get pregnant, I had a positive test, and two days later I started spotting and passed some clots. I took a test and it was negative. Because of the clots, my doctor told me to go to the ER. It turns out that I did indeed miscarry, but because it was so early on in the pregnancy there were no complications. We were able to try again the next month and got pregnant right away, and now we have a beautiful 4 month old boy. That does not mean that the miscarriage was not hard or that I did not grieve, but with time and distance it has gotten easier, and of course now I have my hands full with my beautiful son! That was actually the second miscarriage I'd had (the first one was very early in our marriage when we were NOT trying to conceive), so just because you have one (or even 2) miscarriages, it does not mean you won't be able to get pregnant. If that is what has happened for your SIL, just be there for her and support her in her grief. It happened so early in my pregnancy that we had not even told anyone we were pregnant yet...I only called my mom from the ER to tell her what was going on. I wish more people knew so that I could have had more support at the time instead of having to grieve privately.

When someone miscarries so early, it usually means there was something that wasn't right with the embryo and it would have had a lot of complications. Sometimes it is nature's way of keeping us from even greater heartache if the pregnancy had gone any further. You can google "early miscarriage" and find out more.

I will be praying for your SIL and that everything will work out for the best!



answers from Tucson on

Its happened to me. I got two positive home pregnancy test on saturday(one first thing in the morning, next one at night time) then monday I got two negitives plus I got the results back from my urine test from the doctors that I took friday and it said negitive. They did blood work tuesday morning came back negitive on wednesday afternoon and then I started my period later wednesday. Im still confussed and im not getting any answers besides the test must have been false positives. I wish ur sis in law and bother best of luck. I know how it feels.



answers from Oklahoma City on

The best advice would be for them not to stress. The stress alone of wanting to get pregnant can actually wreak havoc and even terminate the pregnancy. If she's having problems, she should definitely start with a diet change - cut out all processed foods in favor of whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies. This will "detox" her system and boost her immunity. Its also better for baby, the additives in restaurant and processed foods can actually cause lifelong neurological damage to a fetus (google MSG, its an eye-opener). She should also go ahead and start her prenantal vitamins, this will help get her body primed too. Just remind her that her baby IS whatever she eats, so the better she eats, the healthier her baby will be. Babies learn from example as well, if baby sees mom and dad eating healthy, they'll be more inclined to do the same. And the results could only be more positive if Dad does a "detox" too. I hope this helps. Tell them happy babying! :}



answers from Dothan on

D., I have had similar situations in the past. With two of my pregnancies, the test came back positive and then negative. One pregnancy I did miscarry. The second I had a beautiful baby boy. My doctor said for me to rely on bloodwork since the otc tests didn't give accurate results for me. I hope everything works out.



answers from Oklahoma City on


That same thing happened to me. Took 5 positive test, then bleeding starting and no cramping, then took two more saying negative. I went and had bloodwork done, and it came back negative. What they said it was is called a "Chemical Pregnancy Misscarriage" Basically thanks to science of being able to test to early, sometimes you become pregnant, but there is something wrong with it, so you have a normal period and never know you were pregnant, that is a hugh downfall to being able to test so soon. It does not mean you are less likly to get pregnant easy, which is a plus. Tell her to relax, whatever happens is going to happen. God Bless, and good luck to her.



answers from Jonesboro on


My husband and I just recently went through the same thing with our youngest daughter. She's the mother of a 2-yr-old, darling boy, tested positive on two home pregnancy tests. She started having terrible abdominal pains went to ER, tested negative. The next day at her doctor's office she tested positive. After a CT scan, they couldn't tell if she was or not. A week later another scan came back tentative and a week later tested positive. She is now five months along with a little girl, and I was with her for that scan. We never found out why the positive - negative thing happened. But, I'm guessing that it's not uncommon. Hang in there...You'll know in nine months for sure.



answers from Huntsville on

I have had that happen. Unfortunately, in our case it meant I miscarried within just a few weeks of becoming pregnant. My body didn't really show any other signs of being pregnant. Her doctor will be able to tell her. Be there to listen to her and help her emotionally if that is what happened.



answers from Oklahoma City on

i havent had the positive then negative test but i have had bleeding when i was pregnant.. with my daughter i was 2 months pregnant and my father died.. it was really hard on my pregnancy, at the funeral i cried so hard at one point i thought i tinkled in my pants a little, so when it was over i went straight to the bath room and i had blood all in my pants.. i got rushed to the emergency room they thought i had a miscarriage but when they did the ultrasound she was just fine! i had a small tear in my uterous that caused the bleeding but that might have been what happened to your sister, the dr. said anything can make a tear, even having sex which is kind of weird but i hope the best for you sister.. i now have a healthy 13 month old so it was a bump in the road but all is well now! good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

It sounds like to me that she miscarried the baby. I was 7 weeks along with positive test at the Dr. and at home. Then 2 weeks later, I start a period. I went to the Dr. they took blood to check my HCG levels and they had dropped. I miscarried the baby. This happened twice. I would talk to them like it was a really baby. Even if just for a while. They are still parents of a baby in Heaven now. We have miscarried 2 and had a stillborn. Treat them just like they had lost a baby. Because it was. She will have mood swings, her hormones did change. A great place to look is if you have a local support group. We have one in PONCA , it's call Raindrops. Even if they do not want to go to the group. The Place has books, pamplets etc... to help. There is a really good book. It's called when a baby dies to soon. Plus, you can go to www.aplacetoremember.com This helped me out alot. good luck and you can e-mail me at anytime.



answers from Pine Bluff on

Do you know how soon she read the test after taking them? If they aren't read in the timed stated in the instructions, they can come back as false positives. (I actually had this happen a few months ago.) It could be that this is what happened. However if she is pregnant and bleeding, that doesn't mean that she will miscarry. I had a period with spotting in between for the first three months with my second pregnancy. Since my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I was a nervous wreck. I later found out that it is not that uncommon for women to bleed during pregnancy. Some women even have a period for the entire nine months. She should just take it easy until she finds out for sure.

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