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Updated on December 17, 2008
S.S. asks from Mountain View, CA
11 answers

Hi ladies,
I am hoping somebody may have a solution to my problem. I have a townhome and the window in my baby's room is a porthole. Very cute, but what to cover it with. I like the idea of a plantation shutter and had a consult today but the price blew me away.... $960 ! for one window. I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions for a window treatment that will block out the light and also look pleasing to the eye? I would love to hear your suggestions and hope you all have a splendid holiday with all your loved ones, friends and families.

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answers from Yuba City on

I sell tiedye; you could hang a colorful little banner between two spring rods maybe? I do stars and hearts as well as regular tiedye and custom orders. Any colors but black.
Banner $10-20, spring rods at Walmart.
I do crib sheets too, and onesies. (any white cotton).
Looks very cheery in a baby's room.

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answers from Modesto on

Hi S.,

Not knowing what size it is, you can still treat the window like it's square, and dress it with regular shades/curtains.

I've seen people do it all the time, and it looks just fine. It only takes away from the "uniqueness" of the window, but only until you open the shades :o)

Good Luck!

~N. :o)



answers from San Francisco on


$960? That is ridiculous. You could get/ make a wood box that fits over the window, mount it on hinges. Paint the inside with a color you like or decopage a picture(s) inside. on the outside mount a picture in a frame. Sort of like the hidden wall safe idea. Then no matter if it's open or shut it will be pretty on both sides. If you're hurting for space on that wall, cut the box and picture in half and mount hinges on both sides so the picture in the frame opens like a cabinet to reveal the porthole.



answers from Phoenix on

Couple of thoughts - just treat the window as a square but if you want to keep the uniqueness of the window showing on the inside (and dont mind not opening it) then try this. Get some wire, wood or pipe or something that will go in the shape of the window, then some fabric (I'm thinking strips, thin sheer fabrics to let light in, whatever you want here) then start at the frame, looping with another from the other end then going back to the frame. Wood frame, you can staple or tack it down. If that doesnt work very well, get a small ring large enough to hold all the fabric through it, but not so large that you have a spot of bright sunlight (unless you want that) then simply thread your strips through this and spread it evenly around the circle. 100% customizable to fit your daughter's room decor!!
Hope you have a great & merry Christmas as well!



answers from San Francisco on

you didn't mention how big the window is. you can use a big embroidery hoop and put any fabric in it you want. I have seen hoops as big as 15". If the window is bigger that that they carry molding that will bend at lowes or home depot. measure the inside of the window, cut the wood to fit, where the ends come together use a flat metal bracket with a screw hole on each end. Lay the material over the "hoop" and use a staple gun to attach the material to the outside of the frame. check to see if it fits into the window then cut off extra fabric, place it into the window and enjoy yuor handy work!



answers from Sacramento on

Does your child's room have a theme that you could incorporate a window treatment into? It would be cute to make shutters that mount to the wall and open and close as you wish. You could cut out the shape of a moon or stars (think old outhouse door) or whatever fits your theme.

Aso, check JC penney's online, they seem to have a lot of treatments for unique windows at affordable prices.



answers from Fresno on

You can either take a piece of wood or pvc pipe shaped like the window and cover the wood then put it in there. If you use a staple gun you can pleat it all around the wood. If you use flexible pvs you can make a curtain and put it on there then bend it into the shape you want and put it in the window. I have both of these types in my arched windows.



answers from Bakersfield on

Hi S.-
I suggest a trip to Home Depot. They have this film that you stick to windows that looks like stained glass. YOu can get ones that are super colorful or ones that are very dark. They have everything from "frosted" glass to Monet's lily pond, frank lloyd wright to cathedral stained glass. They are in the very back behind the window treatments and come in rolls. YOu can cut/customize them to fit and they are gorgeous. No sticky- I believe they are static, so measure, cut, smoothe on, and go! And they cost anywhere from $20-$30 a roll.
Happy decorating and wonderful holiday!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi It sound a little strange but if you fin a big enough embroiery circle-maybe online you could wrap dark ribbom or sew/have someone sew a round curtain that gathers to the middle like a wheel and blocks out light and then you coul just shimmey inin and out as you like?- L. The wierd artist in me has a visio not sure I can explain it so good-



answers from Stockton on

I work part-time for a window covering company. We carry a lot of cool thingz. (broken key on keyboard) Where do you live? If you live in the Valley I could get you a quote on a vinyl $hutter for the porthole. It would be cheaper than wood - but not $5 either.
E-mail me the diameter. I think $ome of the Hunter Dougla$ $hade$ can come round too. Do you want to be able to open & cloze it, or iz $tationary o.k.? We get awe$ome pricing becauze we are the bu$ie$t in the area.
The round wood $hutter iz expen$ive becau$e #1 it'z wood, #2 it haz to be handmade - each louver iz preci$ely cut and the frame ha$ to be $teamed into a circle - very difficult and labor inten$ive.
Theze $illy builderz de$ign their hou$e$ to look cute from the out$ide but don't take into con$ideration what all tho$e "interre$ting" window $hape$ will co$t the the homeowner to cover.
If you live out$ide my "territory" give me your diameter & I'll figure out what it will co$t and find a dealer near you - that way you can tell them you got a quote from a competitor and you want them to match it. Everybody i$ haggling to get cu$tomerz now - everybody iz hungry - take advantage!!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi, there is a clear plastic covering made especially for windows that is like stained glass, or other designs that you can cut to size and apply to the glass of the window. Then, when you don't want it anymore or want to change the window covering, you just peel it right off. Its really cool stuff, looks great, and isn't very expensive. Good luck and hope this idea helps.

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