"Portable" Bed Rail?

Updated on August 23, 2006
A.S. asks from Brookfield, IL
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Has anyone used the Safety 1st or Regalo portable bed rails? Or really any portable bed rails? I have found several places that sell them on-line, but cannot find anythign that tells me how portable they truly are (i.e. how small they fold down, etc.) I'm planning on taking a week long trip with my then 21 month old who is currently sleeping in a toddler bed and I'd rather travel with a bedrail (we have 2 beds in all of our reserved hotel rooms) than a Pack 'n Play, but I'm not sure how portable the rails are?


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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the input! I'm going to check out one of the sleeptite ones in person this week to see if it'll work, but it sounds like that's probably more what I want than the Safet 1st one. Again, thanks!

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I have the safety 1st bed rail, and altho it's not super small, it's definitely better to lug around than a pack n play. I would say it's as long as a pack n play, but way flatter. You could probably fit it in the bottom of a big suitcase I like that the rail is very adjustable and can accomodate thicker mattresses. I actually use it on my own King size mattress so my 9 month old can hang out in my room with me while I get dressed and stuff without rolling or crawling off the bed. Check out Once Upon a Child for a used one, that's where I got mine and it was also way cheaper.



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I'm not sure what brands they were, but I remember several years ago Burlington Coat Factory sold one that was like those mesh hampers that fold down completely into a little square. Check their Baby Depot section of the store- they usually have them on display.
Here is the online link:



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I used one of the old Safety 1st bed rails. Mine doesn't fold down that well. But my kids toss and turn and climb over pillows. I took mine every time I knew I was spending the night anywhere. It may have been a little inconvient taking it, but my children's safety comes first. The one time I didn't take it, my son at the age of 2 fell out of bed and that was with me on one side and pillows on the other side. Check babies r us and see if they have any that fold down.



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Hi A., I bought the Safety 1st bedrail to take on a trip with me. It is long, so you will need a big suitcase. It is also much heavier than I ever anticipated, so be aware that you will have very heavy luggage! The rail does extend length wise, but it doesn't extend heightwise, so also be aware that it won't fit the modern "overstuffed" or extra thick matresses. Enjoy your trip!

PS - I noticed that Veronica's message said that it does fit overstuffed matresses, so maybe I didn't read the directions properly??



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I used bed rails with my kids and they were not all that portable. usually only the arms that go under the mattress fold so that it goes flat but the actual rail didn't fold down. It was about 4 feet long and only about 1 - 2 inches thick. When we traveled, I would usually request extra pillows and build a "wall" around them. Or I would sometimes roll a blanket really tight into a roll and lay that on the edge of the bed so that when they felt it, they would roll over the other direction - but my kids didn't move much when they slept.

Good luck!

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