Popsicle Ship School Project

Updated on October 13, 2008
T.W. asks from Castle Rock, CO
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Does anyone have any resources for instructions on making a model ship out of popsicle stick?. My daughters have to make a replica of the Santa Maria. I have been searching online but I am not finding anything. Of course, we had a month to do this project but I only found out about it a week before it is due! Woohoo! My girls both need to make one.

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So What Happened?

My girls turned in their models of the ship the Santa Maria today. They turned out great. They decided to use a shoebox and cover it with popsicle sticks. They used dowels for the masts and white foam for their sails. They did lots of detail work making anchors out of paper clips, making the helm out of plywood, using cheesecloth for the rigging and also string and they made a crow's nest. They were very proud. Thanks for all of your input. I would have loved to have tried rice crispy treats but we had already started. Take care all.

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I think all too many parents dont involve themselves enough in their kids education..so good for you to be interested and helping.It could only help the girls get into the project.I say go get 2 glue guns, and popsicle sticks and a picture of the Santa Maria and just have fun..our glue gun is always pluged in and my 2 kids love it..wish we were there to help.And to that life coach..you need some coaching yourself... good luck and have fun Tracey and girls..J.

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Have you tried taking a cardboard milk container, cutting it in half long ways and using that as a frame? It might help. But you have to start with a frame. Or it just won't work.
Good Luck!



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Hi T. and girls, I used to love helping the children with their homework, they alway's let me know too little too late. We would be up till 2 a.m. trying to get it done! Sometimes I went a little too far and helped a little too much. But, I never understood the parents that did not get involved at all. So, I googled Build Santa Maria in a bottle. I was thinking the smaller the better. I hope this helps and have fun! It looks like they build it for a litre pop bottle. It looks fun and has all the ships I think!
www.crayola.com/lesson-plans/detail/voyages-in-a-bottle-l... - 27k -



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Does it have to be popsickle sticks? This sounds wierd, but rice crispy treats mold into almost any shape. My niece made a pair of lungs for a science project once.Maybe you could mold the outer shape of the ship and use the popsicle sticks for the planks on the deck. Let me know if you try it and if it works!



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Is this your daughters project or yours?
When will parents stop doing their children's homework?
Let your daughters do the homework.
For fun make it a contest between the two of them.
You just pushed a huge button of mine.
Learning is for the children, not so the parents can impress other parents and teachers.

With my whole heart,

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