Popsicle Recipes?

Updated on December 05, 2008
M.R. asks from Grand Junction, CO
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My boys LOVE popsicles. I usually buy them sugar-free, but don't like aspartame for them or anything. My step-mom just got the boys their own popsicle-freezer things. I was wondering if anyone had any good popsicle recipes? I've tried juice, but it freezes too hard and then it's SOOOO messy when they eat it. I remember one my grandma used to make with jello and kool-aid or something? Anyone know that one? Any involving yogurt would be good, too!

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My husband came up with using pedialyte to dilute frozen concentrate orange juice then freeze that. My son loves them, and they are very soft... which is good for and teething!

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Here's some old recipes from Tupperware - got them from my Mom.

1 pkg jello, 1 pkg Koolaid, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups hot water; mix well then add 2 cups cold water.

1 pkg Jello(any flavor), 1 cup hot water; mix well, add 1 1/2 cups cold water

Fudge-cicles (my favorite)
1 pkg instant choc pudding
2 1/2 cups milk

Frozen Fruit
1 regular can of fruit cocktail. Divide evenly into molds, then divide the juice.

Here's one we just made and my kids liked:
Yogurt Pops
1 8-oz carton yogurt - any flavor
1/2 cup orange juice
1 Tablespoon honey

You can change the recipes as you like - use 2% or skim milk, reg or sugar free jello, etc. The kids enjoy making them. Cheaper than buying popsicles too! Enjoy.
P.S. Thanks to your husband for his service to our country, and to you for what you have to deal with when he is away.

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answers from Denver on

Have you tried smoothies? Our kids love them, especially frozen. I use 100% juices and still cut in half. (No sugar added usually means artificial sweeteners with juice). Have fun exploring new recipes!



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Get the liquid yogurts, dice up really small strawberries or blueberries, peaches or some kind of fruit and add a tiny bit in each freezer pop thing then pour the liquid yogurt over it.
I use koolaid, you can make a pitcher of it and pour it in.
Grape juice won't freeze hard either, lemonade is a favorite here or even for a special treat we do root beer. You and dilute it some too.
I have to laugh as it is 22 degrees here, snowing and just thinking of a popsicle makes me shiver, hee hee.......



answers from Colorado Springs on

Long ago when my kids were small, I froze pudding and jello for them in popsicle holders. Less drippy. On a different subject, since you mention you dislike products containing aspartame, you might try Splenda. Splenda is natural - not artificial - and safe for children. On their Website, Splenda.com, there are tons of recipes for treats.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My daughter decided that she wants to have "home made" popsicles every once in a while. What we did was get the little cups (the kind you use in the bathroom)and you can get little popsicle sticks. We have done them with yogurt (any flavor--she really likes strawberry kiwi and orange cream). Just scoop some into the cups, put in the stick and freeze. We have also done it with apple juice and orange juice. With those, you just pour it into the cups. To get the sticks in, you will have to wait until its semi frozen to get the sticks to stay upright. Another thing that I just thought of, was a smoothie that my daughter and I like... Its orange juice, bananas and milk blended together. I am going to try that as a popsicle.



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no disrespect, but can I ask why you don't just buy the 100% fruit juice ones? They are often on deep sale and are probably more healthy than koolaidy ones? just a thought?



answers from Pocatello on

Have you tried fruit puree? Just put it in a blender with a little bit of water so it's still thick. You can also freeze grapes and watermelon squares for health popsicles. I have a fruit smoothie recipe that is really good and has no sugar. It is:

1 cup milk
1 banana
frozen berries

You could fill the popsicle holders with the smoothie mix.



answers from Denver on

Our kids love the real fruit popscicles. So i started to make them any fresh or frozen friut you can chop and blend . Then freeze.from mango to bababa
bananas can be a popscicle in itself. Save your chop sticks. Insert and dip in yogert then sprinkle with thrie fav dry ceral. Freeze and there you go.
Good luck and god bless



answers from Boise on

My kids love the yogurts in the tubes frozen. We freeze the whole box and then cut one in half with scissors. No mess and it's nutritious. I learned this from a friend who uses frozen yogurt tubes in her son's lunch box to keep other foods cold.
Try pudding pops too. Those are so yummy. The reason juice freezes so hard is because it doesn't have as much sugar. Sugar is what keeps things from getting as solid when frozen. Applesauce will freeze less solid than apple juice as will most pureed fruits so try using half juice and half pureed fruit.

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