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Updated on June 27, 2006
D.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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We are in the process of buying a home with a pool. With 2 young boys (3.5 years and 6 weeks) I am not comfortable with having a pool in the backyard. We are looking into getting a safety fence or cover (net, vinyl) for the pool. Being a pool novice I am not sure which one is better. If you have installed a pool safety gadget that you think is safe and works well (easy to use, maintain, cost) please email me so that I can make an informed decision. Thanks.

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We have a removable pool safety fence from Protect-A-Child and we are very happy with it. My son is 2, am I am expecting our daughter in July. It works well for my niece and nephew (ages 6 and 3.5) also.

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I would like to recommend the fence. First off, if a child fell in a pool with a cover, the weight of the child would probably pull the cover down below water level, so I don't think it would protect your children the way you're looking for. Also, it's a pain to take a cover on and off the pool, and I think in the long run, there is a high risk of it just being skipped.

The fence is a great idea, but I'd also recommend getting these bracelets, I think they are called Turtles. You put the bracelet on your children and then in the bracelet gets wet, an alarm sounds. The idea is that if they fall in the pool, you'll know instantly to go help them. Even with a fence, I'm sure you know how resourceful toddlers can be.

I'd probably go to a pool supply store and talk with the folks there to get some recommendations as well.

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Hi Dee -
I can tell you we just went through your same dilema and after having a couple companies bid and demonstrate their products, we went with the Katch A Kid brand. I think their website is www.katchakid.com and we are thrilled with it. It is a net - we were sold on a fence instead but then when someone told me with a fence you still have an open body of water we decided we felt better with the net. It looks much better than a fence and it is easy to take on and off once you practice a couple times. We have had ours for a couple months and so far we love it. The company was also very helpful.

Good luck - I feel like I have a huge worry off my shoulders now that we have the net. Of course it is never a replacement for one of us to be with our daughter - but it is a slight comfort knowing as long as the net is on we have a safety!

Hope this helps!
Also - the catch a kid holds up to 400 pounds - so while you could put a hand or foot in the water through one of the holes in the net - you can not fit a child through the net and it is VERY well structured so that they guarantee up to 400 pounds. If you can visualize a tennis racket type of net - not quite that rigid, but it is tight acr. your pool. Hope this helps!



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I think a net is the most save. But I think it's a hassle to remove it every time. We choose a fence, and are very happy with it. "protect a child". Nice company, they come afterwards to re adjust if nesseceiry. Please invest in the self latching gate. It's 350 dollars, but worth every penny. Sooooo much easier than taking out a pole in the floor!
You can lock it, but we never do. Our 4 year old knows he is only allowed to open it when me or my husband is in the pool. My 2,5 year old can not open it yet.

Good luck, I.



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I have been a lifeguard for many years and seen the things that work and the things that don't. First, be sure your oldest knows the rules and the backyard and getting around the pool. Second, a fence with a lock where only an adult could reach would be best. You may also think about putting locks or alarms on your back doors. There are alarms that beep everytime the door opens so that way you know when someone goes out back towards the pool. You may want to consider putting a latch up high on the door where your children can't reach. Those are a few ideas I seen work. Good luck!

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