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Updated on February 14, 2011
M.C. asks from Plano, TX
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My son loves pony. Please advise me where to get pony ride in Plano, Allen or Frisco area. Thanks very much.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your inputs. Fairview Farms are currently closed for some environmental issues. I will try other options.

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Barnyard Buddies located in Fairview Farms Farmers Market by Joe's Crab Shack off 75 and in between Parker and Spring Creek.

I have not bee in ages but my daughter (now 12) wanted a pony and we went every week for her to ride and feed the ponies there. She loved it. We ended up renting the place for her 5 yr old bday party.

Have fun,

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Try Camp Giddyup in Lucas
Here is their web site:




answers from Dallas on

Frisco Horse Park on 121/Coit is not good.

There will be some good oppotunites this Fall for horse rides. The center at Spring Creek/Preston, where Wiers is located, usually has a Fall Festival with pony rides on the weekends. The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch is Celina also has horse rides (check web site to see if they will be doing it this year).

Also, Dallas Zoo has pony rides in the children's section. Check times, because they are only for set hours.

My son loves horses too and we have tried out all of pony rides at the places I listed.



answers from Houston on

Call me! We have been performing pony rides and petting zoos for the DFW area since 2003!

mention this ad and I will give you $25.00 off any party!!!!!
We have done parties for: BARNEY, WFAA, Dallas Cowboys, TX Rangers, Cirque Du Soliel, and many more!!!



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There is a place right behind Joe's Crab Shack on 75 that has pony rides. And also there is a place in Frisco on Coit and 121 (I think??) that advertises pony rides. Good Luck!!

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