Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Updated on November 17, 2006
M. asks from Dallas, TX
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I have a good friend who was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She was diagnosed a few years ago and knew that it could cause fertility issues. She is only 27 and she and her husband have just started trying to get pregnant. Because of her diagnosis, her doctor is monitoring her very closly and has started her on different medication in an attempt to cause her to ovulate (her body does not do it on its own). She has been reading a lot about other woman in this situation and most of them have not been able to conceive.
I am trying to find someone who has had success and is either pregnant or has children and has this diagnosis. I think she needs to hear some success stories to help her stay motivated and feel that this could happen for her (she knows the reality). If you have PCOS and have gotten pregnant and carried a baby to term, please let me know.
Also if there are any positive books out there, please let me know as well as any fertility specialist you might recommend in the Dallas area.
Thank you!

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I had PCOS. It took 7 years of testing (both myself and my husband to check that we were only dealing with me-which it turned out that there was a problem with my husbadn too!!)getting the drug combinations right and 3 IUI procedures. The 3rd time worked. My son is now 3 years old and I also have a 19 month old son who came along soon after the first because we figured we were 'safe' after all it took to get pregnant the first time!! My doctor did tell me that a pregnancy can 'cure' PCOS but I did not believe her!! My doctor (Dr. Walsh) refered me to Dr. Douglas at Medical Center of Plano. He is one of the best in the country. Dr. Walsh saw him when she went through infertility herself.

If your friend needs someone to talk to, she is more than welcome to call or e-mail me. It can be a long hard road, but definately worth it in the end!!

[email protected]____.com
PS I have another friend who went through the same and is now pregnant with her 3rd child!! Only the first was conceived through fertility treatments.

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All I have to say is, I thought I was safe, not only were we practicing safe sex, but I had to be enduced with my daughter. As in terms of carrying her to full term, she was alomost 10 lbs! The one thing I must say is that, whenever I gain weight, I usually get a bad case of the pcos, if I maintain a healthy weight and stick to a fairly active regimen, I don't have issues with it. Stress causes mine to act up also, so these may be some recomendations that she might want to consider that may help her ovulate. I have also seen something that is called fertility friend, it's a natural supplement, and I read some studies on it, they say that it increases your chances by almost 50% ( I think it was a study done by Harvard). Wish them both good luck for me! God bless!



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Don't know if you got the answer, but I did it all trying to have kids (now have three kids with PCOS of which the third happened on its own.)

Have your friend go to an endocronologist... not just ob-gyn. My endo's name is Dr Feinstien.
His website: http://www.drdavidf.com/
Have your friend try him.

Good luck



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Oh, I have lots of success stories for your friend! I was diagnosed YEARS ago...before they had so much hype around this as now. I let my fiance know before we were married that we might have trouble conceiving. As SOON as we decided to stop using prevention, I got pregnant immediately. It was a shock! I have a healthy 2-year old.

My sister also has the disease...with a healthy 2-year old daughter.

My mom...4 healthy kids!

My aunt...3 healthy kids!

Of all the above examples, my aunt was the only one who needed medication. PSOS is apparently hereditary, and adds a complication, but not barrier. Tell your friend to try not to stress out, and let things happen naturally. It could take her longer than some, but added stress affects your body and can make you ovulate less. I wish her the best!

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