POLL: What Is Your 2 1/2 Year Old Learning in MDO/daycare/Preschool?

Updated on December 16, 2008
M.C. asks from Southlake, TX
4 answers

My 2 1/2 year old goes to a mothers day out once a week and it doesn't seem like the school is teaching her any letters from the alphabet, 123's, colors (although she knows them already from me teaching her). I don't know what to expect at this age, so I am asking around to see what others are learning in their classes to see if this preschool Mothers Day out progam measures up accedemically. Thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

Our MDO goes over a few letters a week, along with a color and shape every couple of weeks. I don't really know that he is learning much there because he already knew those things. The really important thing at MDO to me is learning how to get along in a social environment without mommy there. We go to playgroups and such, but MDO is his only real chance to learn independence and how to listen to teachers. That is stuff I can't teach! Honestly it was very hard for me to let go of stressing over academics because I saw him as learning so fast with me that I wanted his MDO to grow upon that, but when I really think about it, the other stuff is more important at this age.



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My twins are also 2 1/2 and go one day a week. They focus on a shape, color and self-awareness theme (like family) each month and it seems like each day they do an activities around the theme. They send home a sheet each time with what they did all day. They also have a daily schedule and have different things like music, art, large motor skills, story time, etc. that focus on that theme. The kids talk about things they did so even though it isn't hardcore they are learing about their little world without being overwhelmed. It seems my friends who send their kids also have the same type of curriculum at other MDO places.



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In my personal opinion it would be hard for them to teach them a whole lot, outside of social interaction and some nursery rhymes, due to the fact that they are only going one day a week. Our son went for 4 half days a week and he learned a lot but they were able to focus on different things each day. HTH



answers from Dallas on

My daughter attend MDO twice a week and is learning: colors, shapes and numbers.

They do sing songs like: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The wheels on the bus goes round and round and YES the alphabet song.

But no they are not working on the Alphabet yet. At this age it is hard for them to pick up the entire alph. at this time.

They do a lot of crafts and they do have a A Beka school book that they learn from.

I absolutely LOVE the school she is in!!!

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