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Updated on November 04, 2012
K.M. asks from Newburgh, NY
18 answers

We get about 3 political phone calls A DAY! It's usually a recording that starts with, "Do you know that ...". I ALWAYS hang up! Last night it was a live person and my husband stated immediately that we already voted (absentee ballot).

Does anyone ACTUALLY listen to the entire call? Do these calls ACTUALLY change anyone's vote? It truly seems like a waste of money to me! And, honestly, I can't even tell you which party is calling because we hang up so fast.

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answers from Austin on

Ha, I heard a comedian say we cannot trust the polls, because the only people answering are the very few people with land lines, that still answer their phones!

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answers from Norfolk on

You have no idea how badly I WISH it was ONLY three a day.
I'm in a swing state.
My personal record is 15 calls - per - day.
I work from home - my number is my business number - I can't just unplug it and leave it off - and I am so tired of this.
I'd like to sue every political party for telephonic harassment.
I'll vote for ANYONE who swears they will outlaw telephone campaigning/polling.
Fill my mailbox and email with political flyers if you must, but leave me alone on my phone!

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm with B ... Also in VA, one of the battleground states. We get way more than 3 a day. Most are recordings; 1 or 2 are actual people trying to see 1. If we plan to vote (we do) and 2. Who we plan to vote for (which I never reveal ... Before, during, or after an election). It's a secret ballot for a reason and I so wish people would remember that.

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answers from Boston on

We've only gotten calls in the past few years (this year and two years ago). My state ALWAYS votes for the Democratic presidential candidate so we're never a swing state and campaigns pretty much ignore us when it comes to the presidential elections.

However...when a Republican senator (Scott Brown...shudder) was elected here two years ago, we suddenly became a battleground Senate state so the campaigning, including calls, has been relentless. I usually get at least one a day from Brown's campaign (despite my saying every time that I can't stand the man and do not call back) and one from Warren's campaign (despite saying that she already has my vote) and then one from a local candidate for state rep or whatever. It's so annoying. Can't wait for this to be over.

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answers from Omaha on

Not one phone call but the paper adds come in the handful every day.

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't even answer! I check Caller ID - if I don't recognize the number or name, I don't answer. I do listen to voice mail messages so if it's important I assume they've left a message and I can call them back. Hubby and I were just commenting this morning that thankfully all the commercials, election news and phone calls will stop soon! Yahoo!

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answers from Seattle on

Phew....glad I don't have a home phone!!! Haven't got one single phone call! LOL
But, I was at my parent's house last weekend and they got THREE in a 20 minute period. BLEH.

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answers from Miami on

Hi K.,

I have been making the calls for Romney. It is a way that I can volunteer and do from home without a babysitter. I am actually a registered independent and I have voted for both parties but I will not vote for a candidate that has forced Obamacare on us. I am also Catholic and if Obamacare goes through then all Catholic Charities will be forced to either accept it, serve only Catholics, or shut down. The Catholic Church will not accept it so we will either only be able to serve Catholics or we will lose schools, hospitals, adoption agencies, etc.

In answer to your call, yes there are people who do listen. There are people who are polite and there are people who are rude. I would say that in my experience, about 50% are nice and about 50% are awful. Sounds like a poll result, eh?


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answers from Los Angeles on

I listen to some of the auto-phone bank calls and some I don't. When they first came out I listened more/longer.

I have made phone calls live for Romney. I get about 50/50 the people that are nice vrs rude or nasty. I accidently got the campaign chairman for the liberitarian party in Nevada. He was polite and listened and then we each tried to convert the other to their cause. It was a nice, polite, stimulating conversation. And, no, I don't think I changed his mind. He didn't change my mind, but he did give me items to use for my argument as to why people should vote for Romney.

Good luck to you and yours.

ETA: I have had several political calls on my cell phone.

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answers from Dallas on

We have a 1 land line and it is NEVER used except in emergency. The ringer is on super low so we rarely hear the phone ring. Any time that phone rings, we know it is a solocitor or political call because all of our friends, family and business assiciates call our mobile lines.

If I am in the mood, in the area of the phone , I just pick up like I am answering and then hang up on them, otherwise, I have turned the answering machine off so they give up after a few rings that we usually don't hear anyway.

Like you, I have no clue who is caling because I hang up too fast to find out.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I make calls for President Obama and LOVE talking to so many people supporting him (again) this year! It's been a great experience.
I do answer calls and do the automated survey or speak to the caller.
I've met several local candidates as well.
I get 2-4 calls per day.
Especially interesting, are the ones from the opposing camp who get their "info" from those "fair and balanced" sources. I especially enjoy those calls! Lol

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answers from Houston on

no phone calls as I have no landline

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answers from Columbus on

I do not listen to any of these calls. In fact, the last few days I haven't even answered my phone very much because I've gotten so many. (I've gotten two just in the few minutes I've been writing this!) However, if I'm not doing anything in particular and I answer the phone and it happens to be one of these calls, I set the phone down for a minute and just let the tape ramble on because I figure for that minute they won't be bothering someone else!! lol!!

IF by chance I answer and it's a REAL LIVE person, then I'll be nice and just say no thanks. I mean, after all, they are just doing a job.

I know this is off topic but....what also drives me nuts is the "Hi, this is Rachel with Credit Card Services...." - I did some research and discovered this is a scam. I've filed a complain with the FCC but they can't do anything about it.

I will be sooooooooooooooo glad when this election is over!!!!

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answers from Fargo on

We get over a dozen calls a day on our mobile and land lines. We also get at least 4 fliers per day in the mail. Campaigns are not eco friendly, that's for sure! :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I hang up. I don't care who is calling for what. Anytime there's a pause, I know I'm being sent to a phone bank and I just hang up. I have no patience for any of them - politics, charities (often so much money goes to the company and not the charity), etc. If it's a recording along the lines of something to do with my car or credit card, I report the number to the do not call list. That usually helps.

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answers from Dallas on

Our home phone is messed up right now so we haven't gotten any this year. But they just annoy me. In the past we have gotten some live people but those are usually ones from my church or about ones from my church that are running for office. Those I talk to and tell yes I am already planning to vote for them and good by. If it's a recording I hang up.

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answers from St. Louis on

No. I do not listen to them, and they do not change my vote. I have a Caller ID and a filter.



answers from St. Louis on

It just seems that robo calls are not that effective as a marketing forum. Why do they waste their money on it?

I don't answer most of the time. Sometimes I do BECAUSE it might be my son calling from Afghanistan. I never know what the caller id is going to say when it is him. AND if I miss a call because I think it is a robo call and it was him.......there is going to be he** to pay.

Before the primary I was have about 6 calls a day.

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