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Updated on October 29, 2011
J.C. asks from Kaufman, TX
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i have had a ring worm for two/half weeks went to the doc they gave me cream its still here:( do u moms know any old school stuff that will work its driving me crazy because its big on my arm:( thankyou

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answers from Washington DC on

my daughter has had this a lot in the past. I just use lotrimin cream 3 times a day for about 2-3 weeks or until it's gone. The longest time it has taken is about 3 weeks.

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answers from Lakeland on

Pick up some OTC cream for athletes foot. It should clear it up in a couple of days. Ringworm is a fungus and highly contagious. Check everyone in your house to be sure no one else has it.

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answers from Redding on

Apparently you arent responding to the antibiotic cream they gave you. You could get something otc like for jock itch or athlete's foot and try that. That's what I used on my son when he was a wrestler and caught it from the mats somewhat frequently during season. Call your doc on Monday and tell him you arent responding to the ointment, maybe he'll suggest something stronger.

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answers from San Francisco on

The creme takes a while to work. You have to keep applying it.



answers from Honolulu on

How long has it been, since you have applying the cream????
Fungus/ring worm, is hard to get rid of and can take time to go away, completely.
Meanwhile, it is contagious.
Keep it covered.



answers from Portland on

My mom ran a humane society for several years, and she used to use either yeast/fungal medicine or tea tree oil when the other ones didn't work. Tea Tree Oil can be used on anyone who is NOT pregnant. You can get it in health food departments or stores. Good luck! It is hard to get rid of. If you are worried it is spreading too much, use an ink pen and draw a circle around it so that you can see how much it is spreading. Remember, it is highly contagious and can be given to your animals as well as other humans.



answers from Kansas City on

I didn't read the other posts so sorry if this is a duplicate! Clear nail polish.



answers from Santa Barbara on

A million years ago when I worked as a vet tech I would get it sometimes. I used an anti-fungal and kept it covered with band-aids to keep it from spreading on me and to prevent me giving it to some poor other animal.

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