Please Recommend a Grrrrrreat Double Jogging Stroller

Updated on July 27, 2009
G.P. asks from Claremont, CA
8 answers

We need a great double jog stroller--what is your favorite? We have seen great reviews of the BOB Ironman so anyone who has experience with that one, please tell us the scoop. Also, any thoughts on the Phil and Ted's sport buggy--we have heard it is a great double stroller but may not be the best for running....

We actually will need a jog stroller as well as a daily double stroller (airline broke our last one and we have been making do with a wagon for now but with baby #3, we are going to need a stroller).


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answers from Minneapolis on

We have a single Bob Ironman Jogger and love it. It's light, doesn't pull and folds up really well (for a stroller this size). I feel the big wheel is key, though, for "real" jogging.

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answers from Madison on

We have the Phil & Ted's Sport and I love it. I jog w/out my kids, so I don't know that it's the best for that purpose. However, I use it daily for long walks. It's smooth, easy to steer, and I hardly notice that I'm pushing around 50 pounds of children up and down hills ;) The front wheel locks or swivels. It is a heavy stroller for packing up and throwing in the trunk though.

I suggest you see if you can try someone's out running. If I lived in Minneapolis, you could borrow ours for a jog, but we won't be living there until September if you can wait.

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answers from Milwaukee on

good luck in your search. we have the single bob revolution and say out loud to eachother at least on a weekly basis that it was the best baby gear purchase we got! so i can't totally tell u about the double but we've already decided that when its time....that'll be the one for us! i tell EVERYONE having a baby about our stroller. good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

With my first son, I went through 3 strollers before buying the BOB, and will NEVER turn back!!! I absolutely LOVE my BOB stroller! It is worth every penny! Look online, and you can buy a new one cheaper, or since they last forever and are easy to fix any problems with (they have actual rubber wheels, not the cheap plastic ones) you can even buy a used one. When I had my second child I updated to the double, and it is still incredibly easy to control, and folds up well enough to fit in even a smaller car trunk.

Another one I love is the Chariot, which features an enclosed carriage and has interchangeable travel methods...such as jogging wheels, bike attachment, cross country skis, regular stroller wheels, etc. This is also worth every penny for active lifestyles, but does not fold up as easily.

Good luck, and congrats on your growing family!



answers from Duluth on

I have the BOB and it is great for jogging...even off roading!!!! I love it!!!



answers from Duluth on

The BOB double is THE best stroller. We got it 2 years ago and I still absolutely love it. It is the best $ we spent (and it is a lot). We got it from REI. Very easy to push and it has a lock for the front wheel so you can either run with it or use it as a regular stroller. I have never had anything bad to say about it. You'd think I'd be a spokesperson for them :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Have you looked into the Phil and Teds? If I had unlimited money I would have bought one for my kids. Everytime I see someone with one at the zoo I ask if they like it and they all respond that they love it, it is easy to steer, it is compact and fits thru all door frames and you can convert it to a single jogger when your older child wants to walk so you are not pushing one child in a double wide, look at the inline versions.



answers from Omaha on

We just got a Phil and Ted's sport double buggy! It is AWESOME!! I use it to run and think it is great, I haven't had any problems at all. We also use it as just a "regular" stroller and it works wonderful. We highly highly recommend it and think it is totally worth the money! Good Luck!

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