Please Read If You Have a Chicco or Kolcraft Double Stroller

Updated on September 06, 2010
C.H. asks from Minneapolis, MN
4 answers

With the arrival of baby #2, we will be needing a good double stroller since #1 will only be 22 months. The two I am most interested in are:

Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem and Chicco Cortina Together Double

If you have either of these, here are the questions I hope someone can answer:

1. Does it hold a Baby Trend Flexloc car seat?

2. Does it fit in the trunk of a small car (we have a 2000 Mazda Protoge)?

I wish I could get the Baby Trend (the one with 2 seats), but I tried at BrU and it does not fit in the trunk. I told my hubby we either need a $500 stroller (like the Phil and Teds) or a minivan. :) He voted "stroller" but I would still like to get something cheaper.


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answers from Appleton on

Totally agree w/ Anna below. I have the Kolcraft tandem stroller as well and LOVE IT! She's right, the universal infant seat adapter has worked on my Graco as well and seems like it would work for any brand. It does fold down pretty nice and both seats can come off, which makes it even smaller. I had a Grand Prix when we bought ours and it fit, but was somewhat of a pain to squeeze in - but you're going to have that with any double stroller - they're all bigger than a single. I now have an Acadia, which makes it that much nicer :) My kids are 19 months apart and it works well. They're now 2 1/2 and 4 years old and we still use it from time to time if we have a lot of walking to do and my 4 year old doesn't want to walk the whole way. It's served us very well since my youngest was born. I would definitely recommend it! Good luck!



answers from Cedar Rapids on

I have the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem stroller and absolutely love it!!! It comes with one universal car seat adapter that works for almost any brand of infant seat (we have an Evenflo). The stroller folds up smaller depending on whether or not you take one or both seats of when you fold it. We had a 2007 Camry when we first got the stroller and it fit perfectly with one seat out. Unless you get the Phil & Teds stroller any double stroller will be pretty big even when folded down. We have loved the flexibility of the seats (face different directions, recline, etc). The large wheels make it easy to push the stroller on trails and uneven ground. Our boys (18 months apart) enjoy the stroller too! We have gotten nothing but compliments on this stroller since we got it.



answers from Omaha on

Hey there :)

I have the Chicco Cortina stroller... Which while I liked it, I hardly ever used it. I almost regret buying a big stroller, and probably would recommend not buying one unless you needed it to travel quite frequently.

To answer your questions:
1. No, the Chicco only holds Chicco brand car seats.
2. Yes, it would fit, but probably with a bit of trouble and less room for anything else.

I vote don't get either double stroller... and get two smaller and cheaper strollers.



answers from Madison on

I actually had the Kolcraft but hardly used it. It was great for going to the zoo or long outings but just too long if I was at the mall or something. I also was interested in strollers that would fit into our Saturn Ion. The one I used the most and still use is my Joovey. I have a 24 month old and an autistic 4 year old. It's been perfect for the two of them. This summer my 4 year old insisted on sitting in the front putting my 2 year old in the back but that went just fine. He seemed to like the change. Also it wasn't a problem since there is a buckle for both seats. Best part is it's only 21 lbs. where the Kolcraft is almost 50 lbs. I told myself that wasn't a big deal but hit a big hill and then say that. Good luck with the seat!

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