Please Help!! Need Good "Hotel" Website!

Updated on July 29, 2009
J.T. asks from Mansfield, TX
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So, as I posted previously, my husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary in Chicago. I'm freaking out over deciding where to stay!!!! I am considering the suggestions I was given on my previous post. What's most important to us: no more than $300 a night, incredible view of lake or city, beautiful room, elegant restaurant in the hotel, and within walking distance of Navy Pier and Magnificent Mile and wherever else we should go. Does anyone know of an EXCELLENT website I can use to find what I'm looking for? Also, I'm asking for any other recommendations you may have on a particular hotel!! (Thanks to you who answered my previous post.)

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I agree that once you find a hotel you like to call them directly. They usually have specials that aren't advertised (especially on hotel sites).

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answers from Dallas on Hsve used it many times and love it!!

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go to and type in "chicago" and it will give you a list of hotels in order of how they rate with actual people then you can read reviews which are very helpful...go through look for the ones with the best price, best location and that has the highest rating and you'll probably make a good choice. it's a great website and has helped me and my mom (who travels a lot!)to make the right choice.

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If you don't work directly with a hotel as I usually do, I also suggest

You plug in where you are going and the hotels are rated, there are testimonials from previous customers, and you can usually narrow it down to a good choice.

THEN....I'd go to that hotel's specific website and see if they have any deals such as online specials, etc. A lot of hotels have online specials. We use the Hilton family hotels and I got a Suite in Sandestin for $229 a night simply for paying in advance. Of course no refunds, exchanges or anything like that. Last year, we paid $500 for this same room a little earlier in the season.

Have fun.

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Hey Jessica,
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