Please Help!! Just moved...need Help Finding a Great Elementary School

Updated on July 26, 2009
V.D. asks from San Diego, CA
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We just moved to San Diego 2 weeks ago and are seeking a great elementary school for my daughter (will start Kindergarten). We live in Tierrasanta...the Elementary schools in our area are: Hancock, Miller, Kumeyaay (sp?), Tierrasanta, and Vista Grande. I'm not sure which one is best? Hancock is literally in my backyard...but if it's not a good school...I'm not sending her there. I'm willing to drive where I need to (within reason of course), in order to get her in a decent school. Yes, I have checked out and to be honest, a lot of the reviews are older (from years ago) not sure the info. would be valid and up-to-date with how the schools are today.

So if any of you moms out there in the Tierrasanta area can help me out and give me some would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi V., my son attended Miller when we lived in Murphy Cayon Housing, he liked it and I did as well. J.



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Hi V.-

I have two friend's that went to Kumeyaii and they liked it. They ended up having to leave it though because their kids tested Seminar, (testd in 2nd grade) and they chose to join the seminar tract. One of my friend's lives right next to Vista Grande and HATED it. She pulled him out mid kindergarten and now is at a charter school , which is where my kid's go.

Good Luck and Welcome back to San Diego!!



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St. Columba Catholic School is in Serra Mesa which is on the opposite (2 minutes) side of the 15 freeway. My daughter has been there since Kindergarten and she is about to enter 6th grade. It's a very small school with only one class of each grade from pre-K to 8th grade.The teachers as well as the support staff are outstanding. This might be a great opportunity for you to become a member of a small community since you are military and not from the area. Not everyone is Catholic and there are lots of military people (from Tierrasanta).
I wish you the best of luck in your new home. You should enjoy living in Tierrasanta. It's a really nice area (and lots of good little restaurants off Santo Rd...Chinese, Italian..). If you haven't been there already. you should take your kids to the library on Aero Dr. It's very large, "Air-Conditioned" with lots of comfortable places to relax and read with kids.



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I will have four kids at Hancock next year when my five year old starts kindergarten. I have been very pleased with Hancock. They are constantly working to improve their school and very much encourage parent participation. They also have a deployment group that you can request to have your child in that helps them deal with deployments as well as counseling available if you need it. A lot of the kids at Hancock are military so they are familiar with the needs of military families. I really like the school. I have friends with kids in Kuumeya and Miller. Both are happy with their schools as well. The biggest difference with Kuumeya is that they are on a traditional schedule while Hancock and Miller are year round. I am not familiar with Tierrasanta or Vista Grande. But I do like Hancock. We have been here for four years and have had a good experience with Hancock.

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