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Calling Pedi RN's, Please help me out with this if you can. I have a situation with my 25 month old.
Tuesday night he was Very fussy trying to get him to sleep, It took about 2 hrs to calm him down which is not like him. I thought he was coming down w/something cause that afternoon his nose started running but didn't think much of it cause my allergies were acting up but he was not really into eating dinner which he has always been a good eater so in the middle of the night at 3am he threw up like 2 times which made me think that it was a throat infection which he has had in the past. The next morning he drank his milk like usual and threw all of up, It was Very projectile.
He has had diarreah off and on for the past 2 wks so I thought well maybe it's a stomache virus so at that point I took him in to his pedi and he told me it was viral and his ears, nose and throat was fine. That was Wed morning. He didn't want to eat anything at all. He didn't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thur he goes with his dad and "of course everything was just fine over there no problems, ate just fine. A little quite but happy as ever" which I know was a lie. He lies to me about everything on a daily basis.
He returned from his dad's around 4:15 Thurs afternoon and by 5 he had a fever of 102.5, he didn't eat or drink anything for dinner.
Friday morning at 6:30 he woke up with a fever of 103.5 and his lips were so cracked and his face was so flushed. When he woke up he drank all his milk but his hands were shaking so much and he barely had the strength to hold his cup. It just broke my heart.
I took him back in to his pedi on Fri and was there for over 2hrs. My son was so weak by that point that he laid down on the floor"i know gross" but he was just so weak and exhausted.
When we finally went in to see the dr. he had lost 1 pound in 2 days. His throat was so red and swollen and covered in white blisters/puss pockets. I have never seem this this bad. He is still having diarreah, not eating or drinking. He maybe has 1 or 2 bites of yogurt, applesause and might have a sip here and there. He will only have about 1/2 of milk in the morning. He refuses to eat. He woke up last night covered in diarreah. He still has a high fever. he has had 2 doses of his antibotic, how long before I see any change or improvement. He also still has phlegm that he throws up or gags on. When he eats anything he gags on it. He has a history of acid reflux.

Any encouraging words would be a great help. Should I call his pedi? I am Very worried and concerned.
I am sorry for the long story but I wanted you to know the entire history. He is suppose to go w/his dad tomorrow and I really don't feel comfortable with my son going anywhere in the condition he is in.

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to let everyone know that his fever broke finally but still not eating much or drinking.I smoke to the nurse and she said if He is going through enough wet diapers and you see tears when he cries he is not dehydrating. I am keeping a log on diapers, fluids and food.
Thanks for all your supportive words.

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My son (almost 4 yr old) had similar symptoms. Last week, he had a mild ear infection ... got antibiotics for it last Friday and everything got better that weekend. But by this past Tues night, he fever came back, coughing fits with vomitting, some diarrhea...mostly vomitting mucous/phelgm. And yes, it happened a lot. I changed bed sheets usually 2 times at night. His fever stayed with him (but controlled with motrin and tylenol) for 2 days straight so that's when I took him into see the Dr. (they said if a fever persists after 2 days straight to bring him in). She said he probably has a throat virus ...that's why it's not improving even though he's already on antibiotics. With a virus, you have to just wait it out and treat symptoms (cough meds). She took chest xrays to make sure he didn't have fluid in his lungs...and they came back normal.
Dr. said this throat virus is very common right now...going around to many kids (i've heard about through other moms too)....similar symptoms, vomitting, diarrhea, coughing fits, fever.
To combat dehydration, I had my son carry his sippy cup (largest one I can find) full of ice water. And every time he coughed, I instructed him to take a sip of water....that helps calm him down, calm down the coughing fit..and keeps him hydrated. he slept with this cup and would take sips throughout the night and during his coughing fits. I stashed water cups everywhere throughout the house so they were within reach for him whenever a coughing fit happened.
And just give water only....sugary juices can dehydrate. Dr. said that as long as he's sick he may not eat well at all...and that's ok for the meantime...she's just concerned with keeping liquids in him...popsicles, water, soups, etc.

Well, he continued his fever yesterday -- got as high as 103.9! But once i would give meds, and if i gave them every 4 hrs...and stayed on top of it...his temp would be in control. But today, Sunday, he's much better. No fever since early last night. Coughing is infrequent. No vomitting last night. He slept all the way through the night. So he's on the road to recovery.

Call your Dr. again to explain your concerns. It doesn't hurt to call. If anything, whenever I call, I at least feel reassured after I've received an opinion from a medical professional.
My Dr. told me that if his fever spiked to 104 or 105 to call them immediately or if the fever never responded to tylenol/motrin to call them immediately, too.
But just wanted to share that my son had been vomitting every day since Tues night, too. Stopped yesterday, during the day. And the vomitting was mostly mucous...not necessarily food/liquids...and not constant. mostly just at night when he went to bed. His diarrhea didn't last that long...maybe just 2 days. And my son would shake/got chills when his fever was too high...and he wanted to be wrapped up with a blanket...but once the tylenol/motrin took effect everything would be fine.
If your son's fever is not being controlled with tylenol/motrin, I would definitely call the Dr.
Give us an update, when you can, on how he's doing. I'm praying he heals quickly!

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Hi Michelle. Sorry to hear about everything you are going through. We've been through a lot with our 3-year-old in his first 3 years... everything from pneumonia, bronchitis to strep throat and now maybe asthma (his older brother is prefectly healthy with just allergies now and then) and a few ER visits to Children's Medical. Well, I wanted to suggest something... Was he tested for STREP THROAT? You mentioned that his throat was really red/swollen and had white blisters/pus. That is exactly what strep looks like. When my son got it for the first time, he saw 3 different doctors all part of the same doctor's office over a period of 3 weeks. I visited them once a week. Each time they would say he had an infection (throat, then ear). We would get antibiotics.. he would start getting better for a few days, then by the weekend it was all back (same exact symptoms as your son's). He went through two sets of antibiotics by the 3rd visit. The third time after doing research I asked them to run a strep test. Within 10 minutes we found out he was positive for it. Strep causes high fever, vomiting, weakness (just wanting to lay down all the time or to be held), lots of coughing attacks/gagging, lots of phlegm, decreased appetite (eating is difficult... the longer you have it, the more swollen and painful your throat feels. And just trying to eat would cause my son to have major cough attacks or vomiting). Also, keep in mind it is very contagious (My son ended up giving it to me). My son has had it 3 times... the first time was the worst. If your son has strep, he needs a stronger/different kind of antibiotic than the regular one given for ear/throat infections (sorry can't remember what they've given him, but it's not amoxicillin). That's why the first two doses did not work. The first time my son also got a steroid shot because he'd had it for so long (your son may have to have this, too) and it needed to be stopped in its tracks. His coughing and vomiting greatly decreased by the end of the day.

If he has diarrhea, it is because he is dehydrated. But that's understandable because he can't eat or drink comfortably or without throwing it back up. At this point, you have to use a syringe and give him only water in intervals, not all at once or he'll throw it up. Give him 1 teaspoon of water every 10 minutes (Children's medical nurse instructed us to do this.. She also gave us a bottle of Gatorade to use in place of water, so I guess that is OK for the short-term but water is always best). This will keep him hydrated and should prevent him from throwing it up. Also, stop all dairy foods. Milk acts like fuel to a strep throat infection and increases/prolongs the phelgm.

To get his fever down, give him a lukewarm bath, water not too hot and not too cold, but comfortable (test water with elbow or a water thermometer). If his temp reaches over 103, that is cause for concern, especially if he is shaking. This is when you should put him in the bath for 5-10 minutes. You should alternate Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours, as well. (For example, at 8am give him Motrin.. at 12pm give him Tylenol.. at 4pm give him Motrin again). If all of this doesn't help or his fever ever reaches 104 or above, take him to the ER. They will give him greater doses of fever-reducing medicine where they can monitor him and try to figure out what he has.

I hope this helps! But do take him back to the doctor's to do the strep test (quick swab of throat is all that's done). Let us know how he's doing.

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follow your gut..sounds like he could be dehydrated. It also sounds like it is a virus (or the antibiotics could be wreaking havoc on his little tummy)...I would call the pediatrician. Leave the dad story out...just because it doesn't help him make a diagnosis. And as far as the dad thing goes, see if he could trade a different day with you. A toddler doesn't need to be carted around when they are sick..ugh..I totally feel for you..poor little guy. But if you are going to get your way with the dad, try being more amicable with a parenting team (which unfortunately you have to do for a long time) get more bees with honey..and being accusatory with him will only put him on the defensive and make him not want to do anything you want him to do. Good luck! should check out there are lots of moms in the dfw area and it is a great resource of support!



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He needs URGENT medical care and definitely shouldn't be changing hands in the midst of his unstable condition. When you went to your PED, how was he diagnosed? You said they put him on antibiotics, but what was the condition, strep? Regardless, I agree with the other post, he could be severely dehydrated and especially since he can't keep much down, has ongoing diarrhea and seems lethargic...I wouldn't chance another minute like he is. Trust your instinct and take him to immediate Emergency Care. You'll be in my prayers. Many Blessings - L.



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I would take your son to the ER. Sounds as if he's dehydrated and needs some IV fluid support. Don't take him to any hospital though, take him to a children's hospital either Medical City Children's or Childrens. Good luck.




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Take him to the emergency room. No baby should be vomiting this much. He could easily be dehydrated from what you describe. Take him NOW.

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