Pleaase Share Your Experience at Rush Copley Hospital.

Updated on November 18, 2009
P.P. asks from Naperville, IL
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Hi ladies. I am 18 weeks pregnant and I'm considering switching my doctor's offices. This would also require me to switch the hospital I deliver at to Rush Copley Hospital. Can anyone share the experiences they had in labor and delivery at Rush Copley? I'd appreciate all feedback. Thanks.

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I had 3 children there, they are now 5,4, &2. I liked everything excpet the postpartum room. It was fine but pretty small & a bit outdated. The staff made up for this, they were wonderful.



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I delivered my son at Rush Copley five years ago. I thought everyone there was wonderful. There were some complications with the delivery. (My son was backwards and had the cord wrapped around him) but everything turned out great. I can't think of anything that I would compain about.



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Hi Patti,

I had both of my kids there (2yr old and 14 mos old). The staff is absolutely wonderful. The birthing rooms are spacious and nice. The postpartum room was small but served its purpose.

Best wishes!



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I delivered at Rush Copley August 2008 and everything went really well. I loved my nurses and the delivery rooms are really nice. The postpartum rooms are pretty tiny, that's really the only downside of the hospital.

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